Best Cheap LED Grow Lights 2020 – Start Your Organic Garden!

I’m sure you’ll agree with me if I said that not everyone has the ability to buy the “best” thing they want.

Yes, that’s certainly true!

But what if I say that you could now grow your organic garden today with the “best” yet super “cheap” LED grow light?

Yep, you heard that right. The best cheap led grow light!

In this very article, I promise you to give you the best but very simple guide on how to find the best cheap grow lights for indoor growing!

Perhaps you would also like to hear my Top 10 LED grow lights for the purpose of reference.

If that’s the case then who I am to neglect your interest. I’m your fellow average planter. That’s why I know that those who are seeking cheap products can get along with me because I can provide the best budget led grow lights!

Now, there might still be those newbies lurking around and also want to join our non-existent group of cheap LED grow light seekers and unfortunately doesn’t even have a clue on what LED stands for.

With that, let’s have a very short introduction!

Key Things to Know Before Buying a Grow Light

Red led lights in line on a wall

What Is an LED Grow Light

L.E.D stand for Light Emitting Diodes (I can’t think of any simple definition for LED, so let’s leave it like that. It won’t hinder us from seeking our target!).

LED grow lights “vary in color” depending on the intended use. But to avoid complexity, I’ll give you this general knowledge: Plants will grow normally if given both red and blue light and provides the most cost-efficient method of growing.

That means you don’t need to find any ultra-high-tech super expensive grow light just to get optimal yields from your plant.

Good cheap LED grow lights will do the rest, though finding the best budget LED grow lights is better, would you agree?

Now, again. I would repeat it; we are looking for the best yet cheap LED grow lights.

But what features make them the best and still inexpensive?

Features That Makes the Best Led Grow Light

  • The area of coverage it can give
  • If it can support all the growth stages of a plant
  • The angle of the LED lens
  • Nothing beats it if it has the three above mention features but still CHEAP!

The area coverage of an LED grow light must be quite large so that it could support all your plants effectively.

Secondly, make sure to get a full-spectrum LED grow lights since they can support all those growth stages of your lovely plants.

Thirdly, the greater the angles the larger the coverage. On the other hand, the lesser the angle means less dispersion and more direct light.

Lastly? Well obviously, the cheaper the better, of course, it must have quality!

Here are other minor qualities that you must look for near to ideal LED grow lights:

  • Quality build and materials – for this, it’s better to look for U.S. brands.
  • Brand reputation – obviously, a company with the best reputation makes the best LED grow lights.
  • Electricity output and consumption – choices go up to 1,000 watts but here’s a piece of friendly advice, don’t take anything with less than 300 watts output.
  • Low heat output – for preventing any unnecessary burns of the plants and it makes your LED last long.
  • Quality semiconductor chip – look for a chip of at least 3 watts, otherwise, it won’t be able to provide enough light.
  • Easiness of use and flexibility – well, it’s common sense. Make sure to read the labels to have a good grasp of your LED lights.

With all of that information, do you think we can now answer this question?

Is it Possible to Buy Cheap and Quality Led Light?

Damn, the answer is of course, YES!

In fact, to prove it to you, I’ll share you my TOP 10 best led grow light for the money and perhaps after reading my reviews and the PROS and CONS it has, you might want to rush in to purchase your own because I don’t know how many passionate individuals are reading this!

TOP 10 Best Cheap Led Grow Lights of 2020

LED Plant Grow Light Panel, HNHC 45W

Its price and offered functions are pretty good. I also really like its design. It is lightweight and a piece of cake to assemble.

My only concern about this is you might want to use a fan since it gives off quite a heat. Overall, as a very first LED grow light, your plants will be happy with it.


  • Wide spectrum and wide range of coverage
  • Very Lightweight
  • Very handy
  • Not really expensive


  • Lack of power
  • Doesn’t have a fan


Light panels such as this one give a wider range of coverage than bulbs or light bars that are very good for the effective and optimal growth of your plants.

Cob LED Grow Light Bulb

I’m not really sure of the durability of this unit whether it could at least last for me for 10 years but it just feels well built. Its parts are fully resin-coated and mounted on a small aluminum heatsink so that moisture will be no issue at all.

Probably this kind of intuitive technology is going to drive the grow light industry forward. It has a lot of potential, if I must say. I like it!


  • Doesn’t have blue and red lights, closer to sunlight
  • Convenient, easy to use kit
  • Less expensive than pre-made COB grow lights


  • Housing not included
  • No fan or heat-sink included


This product is much less harsh on your eyes when you are working in your grow room since its light is like the sunlight.

Plant Grow Light for Indoor Plants 18W

Though quite the small one, I could tell from its performance that it is a great grow LED light!

It is very powerful and has about 6 different settings built-in. In addition, the lights can be bent to cover your plants very effectively.


  • Built-in clip for convenient hanging
  • Two separate movable arms
  • Wideband spectrum


  • The area where the USB connects to the power adapter frequently gets hot.


This little yet mighty LED grow light is very nice for clones, germination, and seedlings. Very good as supplemental lighting!


One of my favorite LED grow lights on this list! I am incredibly amazed by the quality of its light and how much light it puts out for how cheap it is.

It runs pretty nice, and the fan is smooth and not loud. It feels very well built and sturdy. You can feel its quality by the heaviness of its aura. Also, it has high quality, large heat sink, also it has hanging cables that are of high quality compared to others.

Perhaps one of the best cheap LED grow lights for indoor plants


  • Built-in reflectors around each LED
  • Inexpensive
  • Includes large heat sink with hanging cables
  • Best cheap lights for growing weed


  • A new brand that doesn’t have much industry experience
  • More white light compared to other brands
  • Not many sizes available


Bloomspect is a new brand on the grow light scene, but their light has become a quick favorite! This cheap light is just as powerful as any other 300W grow light just at half the price.

TaoTronics LED Grow Lights Bulb

One of the factors that caught my attention to include this LED grow light in this review is its very nice and gentle light tone. Well, who doesn’t love aesthetics, right?

Apparently, this one is quite good at maintaining its bulb residual heat. Very efficient energy LED grow light if I must say.

From that time that I utilized it, I noticed a drastic improvement in my plants. They are greener and more bountiful!

What else could I say? This product is a must-try!


  • This grow lights efficiency in terms of light and heat is very good
  • Easily recognizable development of plants
  • Well-built design
  • Cheap bulbs


  • Could potentially harm the plants leave if not placed properly
  • Its bulbs tend to dim in some instances


This LED grow light is a consistent top-placer in the LED grow light criteria. In addition, it is quite famous for newbies

Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light

After giving it a try, guess what? My plants went crazy in production for just about in 4 weeks. Compared to others, its fan doesn’t make any deafening noise.

This LED grow light just got into my picky and perfectionist self!


  • Worth your money
  • There’s a free power outlet for piggy dimmers
  • Efficient development of flowers of any herb
  • Well-built and Firm Design
  • Concentrates lights efficiently with its prominent lenses


  • Dimming lights tend to show
  • Tend to release little amperage of electricity
  • Potential burns for plants if set to full-power


This product is a very versatile choice for both professional growers and can be easily used by those beginners starting indoor growing.

G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow Light

I used HPS grow lights in the past; yes my plants took a liking of its light. But after using G8LED, damn! Comparison can’t even be applied!

Want to double your plants’ growth in just 2 weeks? Try changing to this product instead of an HPS grow light!

I’m quite impressed that it didn’t over-heat even though its light is so brilliant! How amazing!


  • Maintains the vicinity at consistent 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Well-built design and very sturdy
  • Heavy-duty cables
  • Powerful yet not loud


  • It only covers a small area
  • Tend to supply less wattage


The presence of ballast isn’t really necessary, thereby allowing growers to just plug and grow their plants fast without any complicated stuff.

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Grow Light

In terms of supplementing the growth of your plants, it’s a must-try! It’s so handy due to its lighter weight. In fact, it is very easy to mount inside a grow room.

In my opinion, it’s too user-friendly for a product. Well, what’s bad about that? Overall, it’s very satisfying.

A cheap full spectrum LED grow light that does not compromise on quality.


  • Its fans don’t produce any loud noises
  • Very easy to move from one place to another
  • Increases the growth rate of your plants
  • Easy to use


  • For me personally, this one didn’t live up to the advertised life expectancy
  • Damage diodes occur significantly affecting the panel


A very efficient LED grow light that only consumes 180 watts of electricity without sacrificing its lamps illumination.

Roleadro LED Grow Light Bulb

Its casing is quite different and unique. If you have lettuces, kale, and spinach, I know for certain that you’ll be in love with this product after using it! I swear you’ll love the taste of your plant’s yield.

Probably one of the best LED grow lights for herbs that I’ve ever used!

This product is worthy to be called the best cheap LED grow light 2020.


  • Less heat residues
  • Cheap
  • Little consumption of electricity
  • Very well-built and sturdy design


  • Its sides are designed of plastic
  • Very efficient for seedlings development but not in flower growth
  • Included power cable but doesn’t really fit the main product


If you are looking for a very cheap propagation, go with this one. Its lightings do significantly affect your plant’s growth and in fact close to those top LED grow lights at a very affordable price.

LVJING 10W LED Grow Light Bar

This LED grow light works great and is sturdier and brighter than expected. In addition to its great quality and durability, it is easy to hand and doesn’t bend when hanging.

Its light strips are very cool and nice if I must say!

It is one of the best-LED light bars for the money.


  • Fully customizable
  • Convenient to move and add or remove lights
  • Inexpensive
  • A power adapter is not included.


  • Not really powerful compared to other usual LED grow lights
  • The power supply is not included when purchased


You know, light strips are an amazing way to Do-It-Your own LED grow light for a very cheap price! These products come completely equipped with both red and blue LEDs for full plant growth.


It’s not really that hard to find your best cheap led grow light. Why?

Because they are already listed above. What matters now is your choice. Whether you pick one of my above mentioned best LED grow lights or make your own list.

Regardless, everything’s fine as long as it is beneficial for our plants.