Top 5 Best Evergreen Trees for Privacy

Planting evergreen trees around your yard is an eco-friendly way to increase your privacy. They will make the scenery even more beautiful and provide some extra shade in the garden.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for you out there. So here is the list of the best evergreen trees for privacy so you could make the right choice.

Choosing the Best Evergreen Trees for Privacy

Green hedge

Before we dive deeper into the list of the best evergreen trees to plant for privacy, let’s cover some basics.

If you want a thick privacy screen, plant the evergreens in a zig-zag pattern. It will allow the trees to spread and give them more sun, as well as air and water. The zig-zag pattern is necessary if you live in a windy place. It will prevent the wind from breaking the trees or branches.

Now that we got that out of the way, it is time to select the best evergreen trees for your yard.

Leyland Cypress

If you are looking for the best fast-growing evergreen trees for privacy, Leyland Cypress tops that list.

This evergreen tree is super strong and can survive long periods without water, as well as various pests. The only downside is the root system that doesn’t go deep into the ground.

Therefore, Leyland Cypress is not the best option for a hot climate. However, these trees can provide you with dense foliage so you will have full privacy in your yard.

Leyland Cypress can grow up to 60 feet when planted in a row. However, the tree requires a lot of sunshine during the day. Plant them in a sunny place, and they will grow in no time.

Leyland Cypress doesn’t need too much maintenance. You could shape the trees with an electric pole saw at the beginning of summer and fall to make them look even and neat.



Yew is an outstanding evergreen that can create a dense hedge around your yard. Even the overgrown Yew trees can be trimmed in winter and look amazing in no time (though, you should probably own a gas hedge trimmer, and avoid electric ones during the wet season).

These trees can be up to six feet tall, but keep in mind they don’t grow super fast. It will take years for them to reach that height.

On the other hand, a Yew tree can have sixteen feet spread that is amazing if you want complete privacy in your yard.

This evergreen requires sunshine, but it can grow just as fast in the partial shade. Make sure that you have well-draining soil in your yard. Otherwise, your Yew trees could develop a root disease.

Also, Yew trees have dark-green needles, yet another feature that makes them stand out. The tree sports red berries that will make your yard look even more magical.



With gorgeous white flowers in spring, and orange berries from summer to winter, Firethorn is truly unique. It will brighten up your yard and give you a lot of shade when needed. This evergreen tree is an excellent choice for hedges since they grow fast and can be quickly styled with a good electric trimmer or any tool you have.

These trees need occasional pruning, and you can do it all year round. Don’t know what’s pruning? Check out this article comparing pruning vs trimming!

Firethorns can grow up to eight feet in height and spread from three to five feet. These trees like well-drained yards, but they can grow in both dry and moist ground. If you are a novice gardener, Firethorns are a safe choice since they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Remember to protect your hands with good landscaping gloves because the trees have thorns.

Also, even though they love sunshine, Firethorns can thrive in the partial shade a well.

Spotted Laurel


This slow grower is an absolute stunner, with striking green leaves and yellow specks all over them. Spotted Laurel is one of the best evergreen trees for privacy around pools. It likes moist ground but can survive dry weather too.

They are incredibly easy to maintain if you seed them properly. Spotted Laurel simply loves the shade as it brings out the yellow specks. The leaves will be too dark if you plant them in the sun.

This evergreen tree can reach eight feet in height, but they don’t grow super fast, which on the one hand is good because it means you won’t have to use your garden shears too often.

Keep a close eye on the leaves to spot any changes since Spotted Laurel is attractive to insects and pests. It can thrive in any type of yard as long as the soil is well-drained.

Also, it is good to remember that the leaves can cause stomach problems if digested.

Arborvitae Green Giant

Just like the name says, Arborvitae Green Giant can be 60 feet tall, which is suitable for anyone who needs complete privacy.

These elegant evergreen trees form a pyramid shape and can grow for up to three feet per year. It is safe to say you will have your privacy fence fast if you choose this evergreen tree for your yard.

Additionally, the deep green color of the foliage can complement any landscape.

This tree is one of the easiest to grow since it requires minimal maintenance and rarely suffers from any diseases. Arborvitae Green Giant loves the sun. But make sure they have some shade if you plan to grow them in a warm climate.

They prefer the well-drained and moist ground. So provide them with enough water. The evergreen tree will develop a strong root system that could protect them from wind, snow, and other elements.


Evergreens are perfect for privacy since most of them grow fast and can create dense hedges around your yard.

Taking care of evergreens is also simple as most of them only require occasional trimming. And most importantly, these trees stay green all year round.

While you could settle on a single species of evergreen trees, try mixing them up a bit if you are feeling adventurous. You could create a unique natural hedge that will bring the landscape to a whole new level and give you the much-needed shade during long summer days.