The 15 Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners (2022) to Avoid Dull Blades!

There’s an old tale about a lumberjack complaining because he didn’t get paid as much as his colleagues even though he worked twice as long as anybody else.

That’s because he forgot to sharpen his ax.

The same can be said about your lawn mower blades – if they have a dull edge you’re going to do double the work in double the time.

You should always keep your blades as sharp as possible, so you should invest in the best lawn mower blade sharpener you can afford.

Check out these reviews to discover the current top-rated lawn mower blade sharpeners on the market today.

And don’t be caught out like the lumberjack.

The Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening Tools of 2022

XRS Lawn Mower Blade Drill Attachment

First in line, we have this handy three-pack of lawn mower blade sharpeners in the drill-attachment style.

They’re straightforward to use, easy to install and fit all domestic drills so you can quickly grind your lawn mower blade to a keen edge.

Compatible with 1/4″ or 5/8″ electric drills, they’re made of corundum which has high durability and suitable for long time usage. It’s also suitable for use on a variety of other blades such as sickles, rototillers, and hoes, etcetera.

REWARD: A good lawn mower blade sharpener on a budget.


  • Excellent price.
  • Three pack.
  • Easy to use.
  • Plenty of applications.
  • Precise blade contact.


  • Using another tool is inconvenient.


This three-pack of drill attachment sharpeners should last you a long time at a great price, but you do actually need a drill to use them – which might be a bit of a chore for some.

Creative Sales Company Lawn Mower Sharpener

Next up we have this simple tool which is about as basic as they come for sharpening lawn mower blades.

It’s a handheld, manual device that can be used to sharpen all your gardening blades if required, just by simply passing the tool over the exposed blade edge. Super-easy and minimal fuss to give those dull blades a new lease of life.

It’s made in the USA and should be part of every keen gardener’s tool kit – particularly if you’re on a budget.


  • Excellent price.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Not good for heavy-duty blades.
  • It can take a lot of effort.
  • Won’t last forever.


A cheap and cheerful product for whipping out and touching up dull edges of your garden tools.

Handy for the toolbox, but it might not be the best file for sharpening lawn mower blades as it’s a little on the lightweight side.

Stanley 21-106 8-Inch Mill Bastard File

It’s possible to sharpen your lawn mower blades with a simple mill bastard file, which is why I’ve included this option from Stanley.

The tool is used for general sharpening purposes, with a flat, tapered width and thickness for general material removal. The bi-material handle reduces vibrations and is slip-resistant.

It’s an eight-inch file that weighs just 7.2 ounces and is versatile enough for other uses in your workshop besides sharpening.

Reward: The best file for sharpening lawn mower blades.


  • Multi-use.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Name to trust in tools.


  • Desktop clamp needed.
  • It takes a lot of effort.
  • Not as accurate as other sharpeners.


A decent option for your lawn mower blades if you don’t mind an extra bit of elbow grease. Ideal if you’re only sharpening your blades once a year.

AccuSharp 006C GardenSharp Tool Sharpener

This is another hand-held lawn mower blade sharpener that’s easy to use and features a diamond-honed tungsten carbide blade. It’s perfect for all your edged garden tools with single beveled blades and has the peace-of-mind bonus of a finger guard built-in.

It is guaranteed not to rust and can be cleaned with the application of soap and water. No oils or stones are required and it’s compact enough to easily keep close to hand when required.

REWARD: This is the best for florists.


  • Tough and durable edge.
  • Reversible blade.
  • Finger guard.
  • Made in the USA.


  • It can take a lot of effort to get a blade sharp.
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty equipment.


More adept at sharpening your smaller blades than anything else, this is a fine tool to have around for anyone who has green fingers – and you’ll certainly keep them protected with that guard, anyway.

Bosmere R305 Multi-Sharp Mower Sharpener

Another drill attachment now with this Bosmere mower sharpener that fits any power drill and is designed to sharpen your blades within minutes. The reversible aluminum oxide grinding wheel offers around ten mower-blade sharpens, as well as being applicable to many other edged tools in your garden shed.

There’s no need to remove your lawn mower blade so you’ll get a fresh, clean-cut that is much healthier for your grass – and for you.

Reward: The best sharpener for drills.


  • Tough and durable.
  • Multiple uses.
  • Lasts for years.


  • Drill required.


A top-quality drill attachment that will last a long time with proper use. You might need a little bit of practice to get the grinding angle right, however.

Smith’s 50603 Mower Blade Sharpener

You can sharpen your lawn mower blade with just a few easy pulls using this handy little tool.

It uses a double head for easier sharpening and has an oversized handle so you can use it with gardening gloves – although it does come with a built-in sturdy finger guard.

A useful wire cleaning brush is cleverly stored in the handle, so you can tidy up any excess metal filings that are produced when you’re working on your blades. It features one carbide blade sharpener and a guide on the other side, so your blade-sharpening is completely foolproof.

Reward: This is one of the safest lawn mower blade sharpeners on the market.


  • Practical size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Strong safety guard.
  • Durable head.


  • The blade needs to be removed from the mower.
  • Again, it’s not going to be amazing for your heavy-duty blades.


A great little tool with the bonus of including a handy wire cleaning brush in the handle – it’s designed well for use with gloves and to protect your precious fingers.

American Lawn Mower Company SK-1 Sharpening Kit

Designed for use with great States, American lawn mower and Scott’s reel mowers, this is a do-it-yourself sharpening kit for push mowers.

It might look a little unorthodox, but the kit comes with everything you need to sharpen your mower at home. It includes an application brush, a grinding compound, a crank handle, and a detailed, easy-to-follow user guide.

There is enough compound included for around 100 sharpenings – so there’s plenty of life in the product for some time.

Reward: Perfect kit for push mowers.


  • Everything you need is included.
  • Long-lasting compound.
  • Saves you money on professional sharpening.


  • For reel/push mowers only.
  • Takes quite a bit of effort to sharpen all the blades.


Look no further if you’re using a traditional reel mower and you need the blades sharpened – there’s no need to take it to the shop. A top tip is to use a drill in conjunction with the crank handle – it will take you half the time.

SHARPAL 103N All-in-1 Tool Sharpener

This is a highly versatile sharpening tool that features an oversized handle for use while wearing your work gloves and a solid finger guard to keep you protected.

There’s a tungsten carbide sharpener set at an optimal angle to sharpen your blades super-fast.

Underneath you’ll find a ceramic sharpener for scissors and fine honing, and then a flat tungsten sharpener for hedge shears and coarse sharpening.

At the back of the device, there’s a wide-angled tungsten carbide sharpener for larger blades such as mowers and axes and hatchets.

Finally, on the front, there’s a pruner and a shears sharpener. A quality product from a name to trust in the business.

Reward: For versatility, this is the best sharpener for all your tools.


  • Multifunction.
  • Well built construction.
  • Rubberized base for safety.
  • Lanyard hole.
  • Durable, long-lasting sharpeners.


  • Might need a bit of practice for successful sharpening.


The “Swiss army knife of sharpeners,” this is a highly versatile tool for all your edged blades and one of the top-rated lawn mower blade sharpeners on the market. You get a lot of bang-for-your-buck here.

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

The first of the electric knife and tool sharpeners is this product from Work Sharp. It comes with coarse, fine and medium grit belts to handle any sharpening task while being long-lasting and easy to replace.

Two sharpening guides are included – one for heavy-duty tools and the other for finer blades such as kitchen knives. It can even handle serrated blades which a lot of manual sharpeners cannot.

The device is made by hand in the USA and offers you professional knife, tool and blade sharpening capabilities in the home – all at an attractive, affordable price point.

Reward: Good electric lawn mower blade sharpener for the price.


  • Outstanding reviews.
  • Versatile.
  • Super-fast sharpening.
  • Quality construction.


  • It could be better for heavy-duty tools and blades.


An excellent blade sharpener that offers professional quality at an affordable price – but it’s really more suitable for the finer edges in your collection.

Yellow Hornet Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

While not actually being a blade sharpener in itself, the Yellow Hornet is actually a specially constructed jig that you use in conjunction with an angle grinder to achieve near-flawless results when sharpening your lawn mower blades.

This is for more heavy-duty work – specifically targeted at larger blades and not suitable for anything in your kitchen.

The beauty of this setup is that it keeps you at that perfect 30-degree angle that your blades need to be for optimum sharpening. You’ll be amazed at just how much this affects your results.

Reward: The best for achieving the right angle.


  • Solid construction.
  • Perfect angle guide.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Instructional videos are available.


  • You need an angle grinder, as it is not included.


Providing you already have the actual tool that’s going to do the sharpening, this is an excellent jig to help you achieve great results.

Only really useful if you already have or intend to purchase an angle grinder, though.

All American Sharpener 5000 for Mower Blades

This is a slightly different jig setup that is capable of sharpening both mulching and standard blades. Once again, you need to have the angle grinder which is sold separately to do so.

This device holds blades securely so you can sharpen them within seconds, and its big advantage is that it’s completely portable when used with a cordless grinder.

It includes aM8x1.25 adapter pin to attach most grinders to the sharpener assembly, and is a higher rated product than other similar offerings on the market.

Reward: The best jig for mulching blades.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Pivoting head.
  • Mounting bracket.
  • Blade guide.
  • Tough and durable construction.


  • Again – you need the angle grinder.


Another excellent jig that is ideal if you need to sharpen mulching blades – which can be a tricky job. Make sure you have that angle grinder though – and a cordless version is recommended to maximize the All American Sharpener’s portability.

Oregon 88-025 Professional Lawnmower Blade Grinder

Moving into the professional range now with this Oregon lawn mower blade grinder – which is ideal if you have many blades to sharpen, you sharpen blades regularly, or you simply need pro-quality in your workspace.

It offers you a 1750 RPM motor with ⅓ horsepower that rotates the grinder in one direction. Using 8″ Oregon 88-047 or 88-048 grinding stones, your blades will come up super-sharp in double-quick time.

It’s easy to adjust the height and it can sharpen blades of any length. A grit collector is sold separately and can be added to ensure you keep your workspace clean and tidy.

Reward: The best professional, economy sharpener.


  • Safety switch incorporated.
  • Good price for what you get.
  • Quiet, smooth operation.


  • Reverse option not available.
  • The motor might not be powerful enough for some.


A quality grinder for anyone looking to achieve a pro finish on their tools without breaking the bank.

Oregon 88-023 Professional Lawn Mower Blade Grinder

It might be almost double the price, but this Oregon lawn mower blade grinder is certainly a step up when it comes to power. If offers a ½ horsepower, 1750 RPM motor which can rotate the grinding wheel in both directions for left and right-hand cut blades.

Featuring an easy to turn rotary adjusting handle and knobs to make height adjustment fast and simple, the grinder is straightforward to use and is a solidly-built product.

Save yourself a small fortune on replacement lawn mower blades and make this purchase now.

Reward: Affordable pro-sharpener if you need a little more power.


  • Safety switch incorporated.
  • Built-in light.
  • Grit-collector available.


  • It can be difficult to achieve the right grinding angle.
  • Expensive for what it is.


A solid bench grinder with a good motor, this will certainly get the job done – with a little bit of practice that is.

Magna-Matic Professional Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

Now we arrive at the commercial level lawn mower blade sharpeners that are used by landscape professionals.

This beast of a machine can sharpen right and left-handed lawn mower blades, highly accurate to that all-important 30-degree angle. It boasts a 60-second turnaround time per blade, so you’ll be sharp as a razor in no time.

There’s a super-powerful ¾ horsepower, 3450 RPM motor that will take all the hard work away as you simply guide your blades against the grinder.

Considering this was first released in 1987 and it’s still going strong, you know it’s a top-quality product that should last a lifetime.

Reward: Great commercial lawn mower blade sharpener.


  • All guards and tools included.
  • Super-fast sharpening.
  • Ideal for sharpening in bulk.
  • Effortless operation.


  • Expensive.
  • Only suitable for straight blades.
  • Not as versatile as other sharpeners.


If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. That’s the message with this sharpener which has been around for thirty years. It will have your straight-edge lawn mower blades as good as new in seconds.

Magna-Matic Universal Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

This is a high-end universal blade sharpener that has been designed for commercial use and service dealers – but if you fancy a splurge then you’ll never need another sharpener again.

It comes with two blade rests, and it’s the only product of its kind that can sharpen straight and mulching blades at that vital 30 degrees angle. It’s gas-powered so you can set up a sharpening station anywhere.

It really doesn’t get better than this for sharpening all your blades and tools.

Reward: The best sharpening machine money can buy.


  • Very powerful.
  • Built to last.
  • Name to trust.
  • Safety guard and vacuum hose attachment.
  • Everything included.


  • Very expensive.
  • Overkill for most casual users.


While most gardeners aren’t going to need this caliber of a toy in their collection, if you’re sharpening blades regularly it’s a great investment.

How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

Knife Sharpener

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right lawn mower blade sharpener for you, so let’s take a look at what you should bear in mind.


There is obviously a bit difference between a hand-held blade sharpener than a heavy-duty, stone, angle grinding wheel.

If you’re simply resurrecting one blade from a compact mower, you don’t really need an industrial-style blade sharpener.

Likewise, if you’re a landscaper or sharpening blades for commercial use, a hand-pulled sharpener isn’t going to cut it (pun intended).

Before making your purchase, ask yourself what you’re going to be using the tool for and how often you’re going to be using it.


How fast does the lawn mower blade sharpener actually sharpen the blade?

With the hand-pulled or manual products, it’s likely going to take some time before you achieve the desired effect. It can be anywhere from twenty minutes to a couple of hours using this method.

Motor lawn mower blade sharpeners are significantly faster, with results possible within seconds in some cases. However, some are quicker than others depending on the horsepower and RPM speed.

Remember – the speed you’re sharpening at should be relative to the blade you’re sharpening, as you otherwise risk damaging the blade, your sharpener, and possibly yourself.


By its very nature, sharpening blades can be a dangerous practice if care and due diligence aren’t taken.

It’s well worth considering the safety features of your chosen sharpener – or if it comes with any at all.

Handheld devices should have finger guards at the very least. It’s highly advisable that they’re oversized so you can use them while wearing protective gloves.

Safety shields/guards are also recommended when using motor blade sharpeners. If it doesn’t come with one, consider investing in a separate attachment – or even making your own.

Always wear gloves when operating any kind of sharpening tool!

If you’re using motor or angle grinder sharpeners, due to the inevitable sparks and metal shards/filings, protective eyewear is also essential. You’ll likely need to buy these products separately.

And it’s a good idea to wear a protective apron or non-flammable clothing during the process, too.


Man mowing the lawn

While I’ve generally been talking about sharpening lawn mower blades, it’s worth considering if the product you have your eye on can handle other sharpening requirements.

If you’re a keen gardener and you’ve got a shed full of edged tools, it would be an excellent investment to get something that could sharpen everything.

Be careful here though, as more heavy-duty sharpeners are likely to damage finer or thinner blades. You’d never use an industrial sharpener on your six-inch, Japanese Damasus blade kitchen knife.

One size doesn’t necessarily fit all.


There’s no point in purchasing an expensive lawn mower blade sharpener if it’s going to pack in on you after one use.

You might as well have just bought a new blade.

Consider how tough and durable a device is, and how long it’s going to last with repeated use.

Look for an indication of how many “sharpenings” it’s going to give you, and opt for the product that will offer the most longevity for your needs.

The good thing about most of these products is that the grinding stones, belts or attachments can be replaced when they eventually wear down.

But the hand-held devices, in particular, will only last for a certain number of uses.

How long they last will depend on the quality of the product and their correct use according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Ease of Use

For the uninitiated, some of these lawn mower blade sharpeners look quite daunting, and if you’re not familiar with their operation then you risk damaging your blades and putting yourself at risk to serious injury.

With that in mind, it’s also worth considering what you’re happy and comfortable with using and if you’re physically capable of using it.

This is one time you don’t need to be stepping outside your comfort zone, so look for a product you know you can handle.

Also, is it suitable for both right and left-handed people? Make sure you do your research before opting for a product you’ll find a challenge to use.


Again, consider what you’re going to be using the sharpener for and how much you’re going to be using it. That will help you decide how much you should be spending on a product.

There’s no need to drop a thousand bucks on something you’re going to use once a year for one blade.


Lawn Mower Close Up

How Do I Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade?

How you sharpen your blades depend entirely on the tool you’re using to sharpen them with.

Hand-held tools you’ll either pull along the blade manually or pull the blade through the device while holding the tool steady on a firm surface.

Drill-attachment tools turn an ordinary power drill into a grinder and you can sharpen your blades until they wear down and need replacing.

Belt and wheel motor grinders might take a little more practice to get right, and there are plenty of tutorial videos out there to help you.

You should search for the right advice depending on the type of grinder you have. As an example, I’ve included a Stens Universal Blade Sharpener instructional video below.

How Long Does a Blade Sharpening Tool Last?

Again, that depends on a variety of factors.

The type of sharpener, how often you use it, whether you’re using it correctly, and the quality of the tool will all affect its longevity.

In order to ensure it lasts for the longest possible time, you must take great care with its use, and never use it to sharpen anything that it wasn’t intended to.

Always operate within line of the manufacturer’s instructions.

What Is the Right Sharpener for My X Model Lawn Mower Blade?

If you’re struggling to find the right sharpening tool for the particular make and model of a lawn mower, I would suggest that you contact the manufacturer directly and ask them.

The internet is a great source for locating such information, but when in doubt, you should approach the customer services of your machine.

Having said that, most lawn mower blade sharpeners will be able to handle any straight blades from all makes and models of a lawn mower.

Is The Angle I Sharpen At Important?

Yes, it is.

For optimum sharpness and a nicely honed edge, you need to angle the lawn mower blade at 30 degrees when you’re sharpening.

Hand-held sharpeners should already have their honing teeth at the right angle, and drill-attachment tools are designed to guide the blade in a similar way.

Belt and wheel sharpeners might take a little bit more practice, but most should come with a blade guide to make things a little easier.

Remember that kitchen knives and other tools might differ – so double-check the angles before grinding away.

How Sharp Does My Lawn Mower Blade Need to Be?

The answer might actually surprise you.

It doesn’t need to be THAT sharp.

You shouldn’t be honing it to a razor-edge. That, in fact, will do more harm than good. The sharper the lawn mower blade, the more likely it is to get damaged and the more frequent the need to re-sharpen it.

Razor-sharp lawn mower blades simply don’t cut the grass as well either.

Having said that, they still need to be sharp, but you should be able to touch the blade without cutting your fingers. The term “butter-knife” sharp is often used as a guide.

Go with your gut – a little bit of practice makes perfect.

Can I Just Use a File to Sharpen My Lawn Mower Blades?

Yes, you certainly can. I included an example file you can use in the reviews above.

You’ll also need a desk clamp in which to fix the lawn mower blade.

While this method if cost-effective, it will take a lot of time and effort to get the blade how you want it, and it will wear the file down eventually.

How Often Should I Sharpen My Lawn Mower Blades?

This will depend on their frequency of use. If you’re using them regularly then they will need to be sharpened regularly.

If you’re a landscaper and you’re cutting grass all the time, then you need to turn to your sharpening tools frequently, and as soon as you notice they’re not performing at their best.

Whereas if it’s just for home use, it’s likely you’ll only need to hone the blade once or possibly twice a year.

I would suggest simply keeping tabs on its performance, and if it’s not operating at full capacity, it’s time to give it a touch-up.


There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to picking the right lawn mower blade sharpener, so I hope this guide and reviews have gone some way to making the process easier.

Of course, it depends on what you need the sharpener for and how often you’re going to use it, but for most casual gardeners, I would choose something like the Sharpal All-in-One tool.

It’s affordable, and easily the most versatile for use with other blades besides lawn mowers – like kitchen knives and scissors. If you’re only sharpening your heavy-duty edges once a year, this is likely all you’ll need.

Let me know which lawn mower blade sharpener would be your pick and why!

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