13 Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis 2020 + Tips & Tricks

There are plenty of excellent reasons why safely and legally growing cannabis is an excellent idea.

However, there are many factors to consider and finding the best led grow lights for cannabis and seeking the best way to grow marijuana indoors is definitely two of them.

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cannabis Indoors

Plants growing under lights indoors

Are LED Grow Lights Good for Growing Cannabis?

As for me, an experienced grower (outdoor and indoor), I can confidently say that yes, they are good!

In my personal experiences, I’ve found a lot of good by using LEDs, which I will discuss later in more detail.

Over the past decades, LED grow lights have gained a little bit of fame among indoor growers particularly those who are cultivating weeds.

Though Light Emitting Diodes grow lights have been there since the early 1950s, they were not really able to generate a vast spectrum of color they’re now known for until now and nowhere in the category of best marijuana grow lights at all.

LED grow lights are also quite expensive, making LEDs an unreasonable choice for grow lights compared to High-Intensity Discharge grow lights.

However, due to today’s demand for energy-efficient and effective lighting for indoor growing, LED’s have decreased in cost and increased its quality.

And now again, you might be wondering if this grow light is any good compared to other grow lights out there that are sometimes chosen by prominent indoor growers.

LED grow lights are quite the efficient necessity you must have because up until even a few decades ago, most LED grow lights were found to be utilizing nearly the same quantity of energy to produce light as HID lighting systems have.

But since then, LED grow lights have become incredibly energy efficient, just utilizing approximately half the energy of HID grow light systems.

Similar to HID lighting systems, LEDs used to generate hot spots.

A hot spot is where the light is most powerful on your plant’s canopy, giving quick development or stretching to arise to one part of the plant’s canopy while the outer edges attain significantly less light.

A fine LED grow light can direct an even light over plants canopy, thereby preventing hot spots and the so-called dead zones and handing you an equal canopy.

And of course the color spectrum! Just because LED grow light system can give a convenient complete spectrum of light, it’s not crucial to properly grow cannabis.

Present LED grow lights aim the parts of the light spectrum that have given significant benefits to growing plants, on which it saves important energy and heighten the quality of your cannabis.

In order to utilize this to its maximum potential, you need to fully understand the relationship between lights and cannabis growth.

While general LED grow lights will work, you can always take things one step further by selecting a reputable light that’s specifically geared towards the needs of your cannabis plants.

Why Choose LED Grow Lights for your Cannabis?

LED grow lights boast a whole host of benefits over traditional lighting systems – for example, the lifespan, the economical aspect of LEDs and much more.

Let’s take a closer look and try to find the best LED grow lights for weed!

Now then,

What Size LED Grow Light Should You Have?

The size of your grow room will give you details of the size and quantity of LED units you must purchase.

It is a good rule-of-thumb for LED users to stick to 32W of actual wattage per square foot of coverage area for flowering high-light weeds.

For instance, if you calculate your growing room to be 16sq. feet, then what you want to buy is at least around 500W LED grow light, but you must assume that the plants are congregated in a particular spot and you are flowering a specific plant that needs a lot of light.

Vegetative development for high-light plants need about half of this wattage.

On the other hand, low light plants, for instance, herbs and lettuce need about 11-20 watts per square feet of grow room.

Though, this might differ with your plant and preferred light levels. For instance, weeds are in need of abundant light and so you must adhere to what your plant needs.

Remember first that 1 sq. ft. of grow room needs approximately 32 watts of actual wattage.

What Color LED Lights are Best for Growing Weed?

Red led lights in line on a wall

Well, actually there’s really no ideal spectrum for growing your weeds, but! You can pick the best one for your goals!

First and foremost, it is better if you know why marijuana plants react to various light spectrums.

When you are growing outdoors under the sun, the spectrum of light received by your plats gives it a lot of data about what’s going on in the world.

For instance, during spring and summer, more of the blue spectrum of sunlight makes it to earth since the sun takes a more direct path through the atmosphere.

On the other hand, in summer, a plant reacts to this bright illumination with lots of blue as a cue to transcend into the vegetative stage generating lots of big leaves and short stems.

Your marijuana plants thrive to spread out as much as they can and raise its leaf weight.

Now, blue light is usually used in the vegetative phase of the plant since it tends to make cannabis plants develop short and squat with very big healthy leaves.

The yellow/red light is typically used in the flowering stage to make the plants grow taller and help promote budding. Your plants may switch to the flowering phase faster under this kind of light.

By monitoring your track of the ratio of colors in your light spectrum, your marijuana plant could know a little bit about what’s happening around them.

It will definitely help your plants to develop in the best possible way. You must always put in your mind that as an indoor grower, you must act yourself as the sun while telling your plant what they must execute.

If you are keeping your weeds short with an abundant amount of leafy growth, utilize LED grow lights that give off light in more of the blue spectrum during the start of your weeds thriving.

When it is the moment to switch your weeds into the flowering phase, you might want to alter the lights into something that has more of the red spectrum that marijuana plants like during their flowering phase.

Long story short, the best color for growing the best bud is the blue spectrum for vegetative phase and yellow or red in the flowering stage.

Plants need as much light as possible, so don’t worry about the light you are giving to them, what you want to put in your mind is the distance of your grow lights from your plant.


Some of you might be asking if the white LED grow lights are any of good for your weeds.

The answer is simple.

Yes, they provide good response and growing power in some young cannabis plants, though again, the most effective and powerful way to fully grow your weeds is to tailor some spectral output of LED grow lights.

Remember, White LEDs are not really efficient and in fact quite wasteful when used as your primary source of light. So the verdict, it is a very good supplement light but mustn’t be your main thing.

How Many Watts Per Square Foot are Needed for LEDs?

Without beating around the bush, the average LED grow lights need about 32 watts to cover a 1 square foot.

With that said, some of you might want to follow up on how many grow lights you must-have for your weed.

Well, you only need three things to find out how many LEDs you must possess in your hand.

  • Find the area of your canopy (canopy is the one section of your grow area);
  • Calculate the square feet per plant within your canopy;
  • Calculate how many watts it would need to cover your canopy.

Close up of a marijuana plant

How you do this?

For the first bullet, it is simple. Just get the length of the side of your canopy and raise it to the power of two and you got the first requirement.

For the second bullet, you simply take the length and width of your canopy then multiply them to get the area in square feet and then get the sq. ft. then divide it by four.

Now for the last part, all you need to do is take the square feet of your individual plant and times it by the wattage you want.

Again, most likely all of us want to attain a successful flowering phase of our weeds and harvest those promising yields.

That is why you must know the light cycles for growing cannabis.

But how?

All weeds basically enter into their flowering phase towards the end of the summer and continue flowering until the end of the fall season.

And if you don’t know, this change in the growing phase simply comes from seasonal differences.

Generally, these seasonal changes are mostly about the variations in light as the year changes.

The hours of darkness stretches while the hours of sun shorten beginning towards the end of the summer, and this serves as a sign of sorts to tell your marijuana plants to start flowering.

And once this sign has been received by your weeds, it will start focusing their energy and resources on growing flowers instead of having vegetative development.

This permits your female marijuana to attract pollen for them to be fertilized and begin growing their seeds.

During the vegetative growth of your weeds, you want to manipulate your light times so there is a minimum of 20 hours of light per day, some of my fellow growers prefer to go as high as more than 24 hours.

But actually, it is not really the light that makes the big difference in your plants’ development cycle, but rather the “darkness.”

The period of time your plants are exposed to continued darkness will signal them to stay in their vegetative phase or to go into their flower phase otherwise.

Until your weeds have 12 hrs. of full, continued darkness, then ultimately they will still in their vegetative phase.

Once you give your weeds 12 hrs. of light and 12 hrs. of darkness, your plants will most probably respond as if the fall season will be coming, and will begin its flowering stage.

Those 2 specific light cycles are the ideal tools for making a surrounding in which you have full control over your plants’ reaction.

As long as your grow light possesses some certain spectrum of light such as red and orange/yellow, your cannabis plant will do well!

What is a Good Lifespan for LED Grow Lights?

It is incredible. Standard models claim up to 50,000 hours (or fifteen years) of grow time, while premium LED grow lights can last as long as an astounding 100,000 hours.

It all depends on what your ultimate goal is and how long you plan on doing this, but there is no doubt that LEDs know to be the best lights for growing weed.

Aside from their longevity, there are plenty of other features of an LED grow light that will make your life easier.

While other light systems provide pure, bright light for your plants, LEDs work with a spectrum that mimics the abilities of the sun.

This is one of the important factors in making LEDs possibly the best grow lights for cannabis.

The usage of ultraviolet and infrared lights can trick your plants into believing they’re receiving actual sunlight. Your plants are using this light as food, and the sunlight is the best form of nourishment for them.

These lights run on much less power than the stronger, brighter lights. Over time, you can see up to a sixty percent reduction in your annual energy costs for your grow room if you make the switch.

The benefits of LED lights are also in how much energy they are sucking up.

So again, if you are looking for the best lights to grow weed with, take a look at how much you are ready to pay for electricity.

You’re not just cutting corners with the energy prices – you’re doing so while providing your cannabis plants with something that’s actually better for sustaining their health.

Outside of cutting energy costs simply through operation, there’s another unexpected way that LED lights may help you save money in the long term.

LED grow lights focus on the quality of light rather than the quantity of light. More light means more heat, and that heat will require you to upkeep an adequate cooling system.

Maintaining the proper greenhouse temperature is essential to keep your plants properly hydrated, and withered plants won’t produce many buds.

The hotter the light, the more complicated of a cooling system you’ll need. This involves buying expensive equipment and paying for the energy costs to run them.

If you’ve ever looked at your power bill during the summer months, you understand how much that energy costs.

With LED grow lights, you aren’t heating up your greenhouse. Your main focus is only on temperature maintenance through your dedicated thermostat, rather than attempting to cancel out the heat radiating through a high-temperature lighting system.

Which makes these arguably the best marijuana grow lights.

You can also forget about switching lights or making modifications to cater to certain growth cycles of your plants.

A LED grow light will provide everything your plants need during all stages of their life, and almost none of them require additional supplementation for the blooming stage.

You’re cutting down on the amount of equipment that you need if you invest in some of the best LED lights for marijuana.

You’ll have a no-fuss greenhouse or grow room that can sustain itself with minimal intervention on your end.

Now if you are thinking of getting your own LED grow lights (your best LED grow lights for weed to be specific), then you must know first on how to set it up, and how to grow marijuana indoors effectively using LEDs.

First things first, you might have heard that cultivating cannabis indoors is quite a hard process.

But fret not, I will teach you, using this very article on how you can efficiently grow your very own weeds with the use of the best marijuana grow lights.

How to Grow Weed Indoors Step by Step

Pretty much everyone can cultivate their own marijuana plants since it only needs the passion to learn, a few hours a day to keep an eye and maintain your marijuana plants and some room for growth.

If you didn’t know, Cannabis has many nicknames, such as Weed, Pot, Marijuana, Bud, Ganja, etc.

These direct us to the dried and already cured buds of a female marijuana plant.

Cannabis grows pretty much everywhere all over the world in various climates. Female marijuana plants generate the flowers that you think of when you are thinking of weed.

You must know that the flowers of the female marijuana plants have some potent raw materials that individuals are seeking for; those are THC and CBD.

These very flowers are harvested, dried, and of course, cured to generate consumable marijuana.

Marijuana is practically a weed in the wild that thrives successfully in various climates across the globe. Marijuana can be a piece of cake to cultivate depending on how difficult the strain you pick is.

Yup, you heard that right, there are actually strains that are finer for newbies since they’ve been genetically modified to cultivate easily.

Your cannabis will take for about 5 months from seed to be cured and smoked. The real-time is quite difficult to calculate since there are various factors that affect growing development.

For instance, strains take a few days more or less to mature, and your available light can extremely affect the time to develop your cannabis plants as well.

But if you are growing non-auto flower plants, you might want to keep your lovely plants in a vegetative process a little bit longer to heighten the size of your marijuana.

You can smoke your bud for around 14-18 weeks!

You must also remember that in the wild, Cannabis will grow from seed to flowering in a one year cycle.

It is crucial to comprehend the normal life cycle of Cannabis since you can use this information to control your weed’s growth.

Now that you’ve most likely had the gist of it, let’s now go on to

The Basics for Growing Cannabis

They are:

  • Light
  • Air Quality
  • Grow Medium
  • Temperature
  • Nutrients
  • Water
  1. If you want larger and more potent buds, then you mustn’t neglect lights as this is one of the most important if not the main factor to cultivate your marijuana.
  2. Your marijuana needs air exchange but requires air movements to help develop sturdy stems and leaves.
  3. You must get a medium so that you can place your plants and effectively grow. There are various choices including cannabis soil, coir, and of course hydroponics.
  4. Temperature is crucial that you mustn’t let your grow room’s temperature fall to less than 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). For humidity, 50% is best for growing marijuana. Don’t ever let the percentage get higher or else fungus might occur.
  5. Of course, if you are seeking the best bud, then what you want to do is get the best fertilizer for growing weed indoors for your plants out there. But remember, no over-dosing or deficiency!
  6. Obviously all plants need water. Though cannabis prefer a pH of about 6-7.

And of course, these things are useless if you don’t know how to grow a marijuana plant indoors from seed.

How to Grow a Marijuana Plant Indoors from a Seed

Tobacco seeds

Well, it is simple; just plant your seed in a particular medium using soil or hydroponic approach.

But what you really keep in your mind is the variety of your seed you will be planting.

Make sure you get the best kind of cannabis seed out there. If you want to know some of the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors, here they are:

  • Northern Light Automatic
  • Special Queen 1
  • Royal Dwarf
  • White Widow
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Critical
  • Royal AK Automatic

You grow the most potent weed inside your house by choosing a high-quality seed.

Yep, start finding your best marijuana seed and see for yourself!

Now that you know these things then let me emphasize some typical mistakes of a newbie.

Some Potential Mistakes to Avoid

One of the biggest mistakes is the lack of research before starting your cannabis growing process!

You know that you are a beginner, and you know that you need to know what you are doing first, especially if you are trying to cultivate some bad-ass plants.

Then, of course, what you want to do is do more research. Learn things if you really want to smoke or make a business out of your cultivation!

And because we’re doing the LED growing here, we must know first why it is better among any other grow lights.

Technology breakthroughs in the field of LED grow lights have made it not impossible to completely grow high-quality buds with abundant yields.

The early LED grow lighting system was not really successful back then because of the lack of light magnitude and color spectrum limitations. But apparently, that was then and now is now.

LED grow lights can sustain as much light intensity as HPS systems and sustain a full color-spectrum of light-wavelengths good of developing marijuana plants from seedling until harvest.

Here are some good reasons why choose LEDs over other lights:

  • LEDs utilize between 40% and 60% less electricity
  • It reduces your grow footprint.
  • It can easily sustain a full spectrum light wavelengths that are appropriate for vegetative and flowering phases of your plant. There’s no need for additional lights and stuff.
  • LEDs produce just about 70% heat.
  • It has Ultra Violet rays which lessen pests and fungus.

To give you a better understanding of what products you are looking at let’s take a detailed look at some of the best lights for growing weed and determine what is the best LED grow light for cannabis.

Top 13 Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis 2020

Lumigrow Pro 325 LED Grow Light

This product is a brand that particularly aims to help medicinal cannabis growers. Their products are specifically engineered to meet your needs in mind. They look quite different from the traditional LEDs because of their unique spotlight design, visible cooling ports, and adjustable knobs.

I must say that you are taking the effort out of the process when you chose one of their newest models of LED grow lights such as this one!

This top of the line and innovative spectrum control technology makes a custom grow that is not complicated unlike in the past. Get your hands on it!


  • Innovative spectrum control
  • Specializes in Medicinal Cannabis
  • Visible Cooling Ports
  • Worth the price
  • Well-built design
  • Excellent light


  • More expensive than its competitor with the same specs
  • You must have a good grasp of comprehension to operate it


If you are the kind of an individual who is quite witty and does have more intelligence than the average person, then I must say that this is perhaps the best LED grow light out there. And therefore it is not quite recommended for newbies.

Roleadro Grow Light Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light

This grow light is so bright! It is a little hefty and well-designed too. This light completely surpasses LED arrays that sell for about 5 times as much.

This array gives righteous light at a very great cost.


  • No complicated set-up
  • Very convenient and easy to use
  • Worth the Price
  • High-quality
  • Well-built design


  • Cooling fans are quite loud
  • Tends to overheat


The ideal choice for something that’s in the middle of the line!

Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED

I really love this grow light. It is very aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion.

The flowering setting is ultimately just IR light and can contribute too much heat to setup. The grow light runs quite hot, but not too bad. This is much cooler than any CF, HPS, or Metal Halide lights.

It has one of the best LED bulbs for growing weed.


  • High Quality LED among any other LED grow light
  • Full-spectrum
  • Easy to operate and run
  • Great value for what you pay for
  • Bright light


  • White spot issue that tends to cause burns
  • Additional equipment can be necessary


Works wonders that will definitely meet your highest expectations. Highly recommended!

GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED

How to grow weed indoors fast easy and cheap you ask? Go get this LED grow light. Excellent fixture design and high-quality parts.

Good LED lights for growing weed. Its quality is very noticeable. Great bang for your buck.


  • High Quality LED
  • Has Infrared Light
  • Replaceable light parts
  • Extra red spectrum for effective bud growing
  • Great fixture construction
  • Bright light


  • Generates more heat due to Infrared Light
  • Quite expensive compared to other LEDs


Why this product is extra fantastic? Because this wonderful LED light has infrared light with the extra red spectrum, and very budget-friendly grow light. Thumbs up!

Viparspectra Reflector-Series 450 LED

Excellent price, no fuss no fret, just plug it in! And take note, no heat exhaust needed! In addition, this light includes a built-in fan and reflector, with an included hardware to hand the light.

This fixture is well-designed with a level of quality that will not certainly disappoint you! One of the best full-spectrum LED grow lights for cannabis.

I would also like to emphasize this product because it can save a huge amount of electric bills. It utilizes a scant 200 watts, less than half of what a traditional comparable size HPS light would.


  • Built-in Fan
  • Full Spectrum
  • Cover 6 sq. ft. of Grow Space
  • Produces excellent buds
  • No exhaust needed
  • Great for the budget


  • Light on photons
  • Issues on lenses tend to occur


It’s hard to find a high-quality grow light at an affordable price. Get this one!

Morsen 2400 Watt LED Grow Light

This is a great light for those who frequently drop their lamps on whatever they’re trying to grow. It looks like it was made to last.

A fine, soft light that’s not too bright like LED lights can sometimes be.


  • 6×6 foot coverage
  • Infrared Light
  • Ultraviolet light
  • High ratio of red light
  • Dual switch control
  • Energy efficient
  • Included airflow
  • Very robust


  • Short power cord
  • Diodes tend to bust


This grow light is a work-horse! I don’t know if you ever be disappointed with its performance. I am certain that it’s worth the price!

Roleadro COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

This one is so awesome! Very efficient and affordable.

I used 3 of the 400w lights on a 24/7 schedule for my auto-flowers for about 56 days into flowering now and could not be more stoked with the growth of my buds.

During veg, I kept my light 21 inches away then I moved it to 12 inches during flowering with zero light burns! How magnificent is that?!


  • Focused Bright Light
  • Can be hung high
  • Full-spectrum LED grow light
  • It has UV and infrared lights
  • Built-in Fan
  • Daisy-chain connections
  • Worth the price
  • Well-designed


  • Diodes tend to get busted after long operation


This product is just excellent! It has high-quality brilliant light that has pretty much everything your buds need. It is built with the utmost care and attention to detail.

HollandStar LED Grow Light Spectrum

Just wow for this product. Its light is so damn brilliant. The units are a little heavy compared to other same-sized units. The price is very great for what you get.


  • Bright light
  • Worth the price
  • Very compact
  • Very good design
  • Energy Efficient
  • No residual heat


  • Can’t penetrate really well through the plant’s canopy
  • Fuse tend to blow


Highly recommended for small plants.

Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED

This Apollo LED grow light is just great! It is so bright and worth the price!

I have my light for about 13 days now and all the lights still work. I have it on for about 18 hours every day and so far my cannabis plants have been loving its light.

The hanging wires that come with it are a little weak looking but they’re super strong! I haven’t had any problems with it, and I’m always moving them around to get a better look at my plants.


  • Bright light
  • Trusted brand
  • Full-spectrum
  • Included strong wires
  • Worth the price


  • Some diodes tend to explode


These lights are 400 watts with 80 pieces of 5 W chips. It gives a full spectrum of light from 430nm to 750nm. It allows your plants to get a higher quantity of light, resulting in healthier and higher yields.

Diamond Series LEDs 200W

The product does what it says it will do. They are definitely 3W LED since I have compared them to a 1W UFO P.O.S and it is at least 3 times brighter than the UFO.

Overall, I have tighter node formations and bushier plants with no stretching.

If you have the budget, I highly suggest you to get this one!


  • Excellent light and performance
  • Quality design
  • Full-Spectrum
  • Energy saver
  • Energy efficient
  • Worth the price


  • Pricey


Lights does what it says, it lights an area and things grow under it with stupendous performance!

King 900W Power Full Spectrum

For this one, splendid performance if I must say. No complaints at all. It is perfect for everyone’s project and gives excellent results.

In addition, it has a quiet fan and doesn’t generate heat that much. And also, I mustn’t forget its super bright light. Put your shades on or, you know what will happen!


  • Bright light
  • Sturdy design
  • The fan is not loud
  • Heat efficient
  • Popular brand
  • Worth the price


  • LEDs tend to bust
  • Dimming issue


If you are looking for a King quality LED grow light, then get this in your hand.

Roleadro LED Grow light 300W

The color is great, you can still see it is full-spectrum for certain, but it is nowhere near as purple as the Mars 2. It looks more red/orange/yellow, just like the sunlight. Its light just feels nice.

As far as heat goes, I doubt it does have an issue. The light runs cool. The spectrum is outstanding.

The light will grow pretty much anything you want including weed as long as you are realistic about your coverage area.


  • Bright light and has a decent coverage
  • Worth the price
  • Top-quality
  • Gives off UV light
  • Heat efficient
  • Well-build design


  • Fans are loud
  • Need to place high-up


In my opinion, this product is one of the top-quality grow lights out there. Try it for yourself; I’m sure you’ll have the gist of it!

MARS HYDRO Reflector LED Grow Light

Very quiet and doesn’t get really hot. Its fan does not come on with just the bloom switched on but I knew it’s not intended to have just the bloom switch on by itself.

In addition, it comes with a couple of wire hangers. Overall, great light!


  • Bright Light
  • Quiet Fan
  • Doesn’t get really hot
  • It has included hangers
  • Energy saver
  • Built-in Fan


  • Hard to penetrate the plant’s canopy
  • Quite Heavy


If you want to get splendid bud yields, then go get this one!


Now that I’ve shared with you the best LED grow lights for weed and my advice on how to grow marijuana indoors, don’t miss the chance because to start your very own indoor “garden”.

Let’s have fun harvesting those rewarding yields, of course with the use of LEDs.

Good luck!