16 Best Snow Blowers for Gravel Driveways 2022 – Guide & FAQs

Clearing snow from a paved driveway, deck, patio or sidewalk is an unavoidable annual chore if you live in certain parts of the world.

But spare a thought for those people who have to clear gravel surfaces when the white stuff hits.

You can’t simply dig in with a shovel and start chucking it around – you’re going to be throwing up all kinds of extra debris, turf, rocks, and stones.

And if you’re using the wrong kind of snow blower on such a surface, get ready for plenty of damage in your vicinity, like windows, car doors, the cat, or your neighbor’s head.

This is why it’s imperative you use the best snow blower for gravel driveways for this particular job.

Read on to discover reviews of the type of machine you need. Let’s avoid paying for damaged property, vet bills, or a lawsuit.


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What to Look in a Good Snow Blower for Gravel Driveways

Small snow blower cleaning up small road

Below you’ll find plenty of advice, tips and tricks to help you choose the snow blower that is right for you. As there are different types of snow blowers, this information will come in handy when making the final decision.

Check the FAQ section if your questions are still unanswered. Here’s what you need to be looking out for in a snowblower for gravel driveways.

Snow Blower Stages

Snowblowers are available in three stages, but since one-stage snow blowers aren’t suitable for gravel driveways, I won’t go into detail here about that particular type.

If you don’t have a gravel driveway or you’re looking for more information on one-stage models, I suggest you check this article on single-stage vs two-stage snow blowers.

So, let’s take a look at the two types of snow blowers that are suitable for gravel driveways.

Two-stage snow blowers use an auger to suck in the snow, and then an additional impeller that helps take in more material per minute. They’re nearly all gas-powered machines and are widely available.

Three-stage snow blowers also use the auger and impeller, but they include two extra augers that sit at right angles to the main blade. They’re designed to offer extra help and power for breaking up very tough patches of ice and snow.

For more information on each version, check out this article on two-stage vs three-stage snow blowers.

Skid Shoes

It’s the ability to adjust the clearing height that gives two-stage and three-stage snow blowers the major advantage for gravel driveways and uneven terrain.

This is possible by changing the position of the skid shoes that you’ll find on the edges of the auger housing.

Look out for a snowblower that has durable skid shoes, as this is the part of the machine that is likely to wear out first.

It’s ideal if they are reversible so that when one side does eventually wear down, you can flip them over and use the other side for extra longevity.

Snowblowers should also have a scraper bar on the bottom of the auger housing – this is either adjustable or fixed.

Which one you prefer will be up to you, but for extra care when dealing with a gravel driveway, I would choose an adjustable scraper just in case.

Engine Size

While it might not directly impact snow blowing on a gravel driveway (or any surface for that matter) engine size should still be taken into consideration when you’re purchasing your new machine.

Obviously, the larger this is, the more power the unit can muster, and the more snow it will be able to shift in less time.

Check this article for the finest snow blowers for large driveways for more machines with larger engine sizes.

For the most part, unless you’re dealing with particularly heavy snow or you have a four-car driveway and above, engine size isn’t really going to make much of a difference for clearing a gravel driveway.

All the snow blowers in this review will certainly get the job done.

Clearance Measurements

Again, it might not affect the finish on the surface, but snow blower clearing measurements will certainly affect how long it takes you to do the job and how much snow the machine can handle.

If you live in an area that regularly experiences heavy, deep snowfalls, then you should be looking at snow blowers with a 26-36-inch (or larger) clearing width, and a clearing depth of above 12-inches.

Power Steering

Two and three-stage snow blowers are often very heavy machines. There’s a lot of hardware in their construction that gives them some serious weight.

As a result, they should all come with power steering to improve their maneuverability and make turning at the end of your driveway much easier.

Look out for machines with intuitive fingertip steering triggers – so you can swing the machine round to the left or right with the squeeze of a lever.

Extra Features

As well as all the usual features that you would come to expect on these machines, manufacturers have been adding little touches here and there that make the chore of shifting snow a little easier.

Some good additions to look out for include:

Headlights – for finishing the job if it starts to get dark. Remember that even with lights on your machine, snowblower use at night is not recommended from a safety perspective.

Remote chute control – sure, crank handles and turning the thing manually is fine – but if you’re going to pay top dollar for a two-stage snow blower, a joystick controlled chute from the dash is the way to go.

Chute clearing tool – Most come with one as standard mounted on the auger housing. It’ll save you trying to find a scrap of wood (or using your arm).

Heated hand grips – ahhhh, bliss. Keep your digits toasty warm even when the mercury plummets.

Tracks vs Wheels

For most people, wheeled snow blowers will be perfectly sufficient for their needs. However, if you’re clearing snow on hilly terrain, or anywhere there’s a very noticeable incline, then you should invest in a track-drive system.

I would argue that a track-drive snowblower is preferable on a gravel driveway, as they provide much more stability and control than wheels.

And some track systems give you the option of switching between the two anyway, so you can adapt to whatever surface you’re on and in all snow and ice conditions.


Price is an obvious consideration when you’re thinking about purchasing a new snowblower – as these machines generally don’t come cheap.

Two and three-stage versions are particularly expensive, so you need to think long and hard about the type that you need before splashing the cash.

Always buy the best you can afford – but make sure that it is suitable for the size of the job you intend to use it for.

Just because it looks awesome, is super powerful and has all the bells and whistles, spending over $3000 on a top-of-the-range product when it’s far too much for your needs is just silly.

16 Top Rated  Snow Blowers for Gravel Driveways

PowerSmart PSS2240-X 2-Stage Snow Blower

First out of the blocks, we have this PowerSmart two-stage snowblower with a 212cc engine that features an electric start for getting you going in colder weather.

The unit has a snow clearing width of 24-inches and a clearing depth of 20-inches, so it’s ideal in regions that experience heavy snowfalls.

Six forward and two reverse speeds offer excellent drive control so you can operate the machine at your pace, while the discharge chute rotates through 180 degrees to throw the snow where you want it.

The adjustable skid shoes allow you to alter the clearing height so you can plow across all kinds of terrain with peace of mind. Can you snow blow a gravel driveway? You can with this great little machine.


  • Outstanding price.
  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Compact unit.
  • Metal skid shoes for extra durability.
  • Throws snow 40 feet.
  • Large, heavy-tread tires.


  • Crank chute control is a bit dated.
  • Not nearly as powerful as more expensive machines.


Easily the best snow blower for gravel driveways for the price – you won’t find a cheaper two-stage machine than this. Excellent value for money for what you get – I particularly like the adjustable metal skid shoes to improve their longevity.

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 Snow Blower

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 Snow Blower

The Tory-Bilt Vortex 2490 is pretty easy to recommend for a couple of reasons.

First up, the motor is an electric start which means you won’t have to mess with any pull strings and waste several minutes just to get the motor running.

Second, it clears a 24’’ wide and 21’’ deep patch of snow in one go.

Finally, you can operate the blower with a single hand thanks to the power steering. Oh, your hands also won’t get cold because of the heated handgrips.

Put all of these features together and you can see why I think the Tory-Bilt Vortex 2490 is an easy recommendation.


  • Easily changeable throw direction.
  • Built-in headlights.
  • Clears a lot of snow in a single pass.


  • The auger cable may need a little adjusting before you start using it.


The Tory-Bilt Vortex 2490 is a 3-stage 277cc gas blower. It is plenty powerful even for the wettest of snows. And it clears a 24-inch wide patch of snow in a single pass.

All in all, it is a great blower that you can use control with a single hand. What’s not to like?

Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage Snow Blower

This is a solid effort from Briggs & Stratton, a dual-stage snowblower with a 208 Snow Series engine that offers 9.5-foot-pounds of torque. Compact and lightweight (I believe the actual lightest machine in the review), this is a highly maneuverable machine that is easy to store.

With a clearing width of 24-inches and a clearing depth of 20-inches, it’s ideal for medium-sized areas or gravel driveways with around two-three car capacity.

The friction-disk drive system has an electric start to get going easily, while the free-hand control lets you operate the unit with one hand so you can turn the deflector chute without slowing down.


  • Quality construction.
  • Notched, steel auger.
  • Reversible skid shoes.
  • Powerful engine for the class.
  • Very affordable.


  • Again, likely to struggle with wet or heavy snow.


This is a quality snow blower from Briggs & Stratton that won’t break the bank considering it’s made by a name to trust in the business. The compact size and lightweight design are still packed with features, and this makes it an attractive proposition for many potential customers.

WEN SB24E Two-Stage Snow Blower

Introducing this WEN snowblower that’s a two-stage, self-propelled model powered by a 212cc engine complete with an electric start. With a 24-inch clearing width and a 21-inch clearing height, you’ll be able to shift up to 1800 lbs of snow per minute with this machine with ease.

The sturdy, notched steel auger housed in a durable steel constructed housing is built to last, while the discharge chute is crank-handle operated and can throw snow over 30 feet away.

Featuring four forward speeds and two reverse, there’s plenty of power and control in this unit and all at an attractive price point.


  • Large tread, tubeless snow tires.
  • Chute clearing tool included.
  • It comes with a bottle of oil.
  • Reversible skid shoes.
  • Four-bladed auger.
  • All-steel construction.


  • Dashboard looks a bit basic.


Another compact unit that still packs a punch for tackling snow on gravel driveways, get the job done in no time with this solid offering from WEN.

Snow Joe iON8024-XR 2-Stage Snow Blower

Battery-powered two-stage snow blowers are a rare commodity – in fact, this might well be the only one currently on the market. This Snow Joe 80-Volt cordless machine offers gas-performance without the mess and maintenance.

With an illuminated dashboard display, you’ll feel like you’re piloting the Enterprise with LEDs to indicate direction, speed selection, and battery power levels.

The four-speed digital drive system offers power and precision when it comes to making each pass, while the steel auger, 24-inch clearing width, and 13-inch clearing depth combine to move about 1000 lbs of snow per minute. The thumb-controlled discharge chute can throw snow up to 32 feet and can rotate through 180 degrees.


  • Battery and charger included.
  • LED headlight.
  • Chute cleaning tool.
  • Serrated auger.
  • Skid shoes.
  • Eco-friendly, quiet operation.
  • Intuitive control panel.


  • Only a 30-minute run time on each charge.


Sure, it has its run-time limitations, but if you back it up with another battery for bigger jobs – this is a very good electric snow blower for gravel driveways. You could run this thing while everyone is asleep – try saying that about gas-powered machines.

Briggs & Stratton 250cc Snow Blower

Another entry from the famous engine manufacturers now with this 250cc Briggs & Stratton two-stage snow blower – a step up from the previous model. It has a very generous 27-inch clearing width with a 20-inch clearing height, which means it has one of the largest snow intakes you’ll find at this price point.

The powerful Snow Series 1150 engine offers 11.5-foot pounds of torque, with a friction-disk drive system and electric start for smooth and effortless operation.

The chute can rotate through 200 degrees with the dash-mounted crank – which is easier to use than if it was offset, while the reversible skid shoes ensure that plowing through snow over any terrain isn’t going to be a problem.


  • Easy-reach controls.
  • Freehand control.
  • Dash-mounted headlight.
  • Built to last.
  • Durable steel auger.
  • It starts down to minus 20.
  • Chute clearing tool.


  • None to speak of – let me know if you find one.


A larger, more powerful version of the previous Briggs & Stratton inclusion, this is still offered at a great price and is very difficult to fault. Highly recommended.

Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 Two-Stage Snow Blower

The first – and certainly not the last – Troy-Bilt snowblower is this two-stage machine with a 208cc engine that has an electric start. A self-propelled unit for control and versatility, it offers 24-inches of clearing width to the 21-inch clearing height.

The remote crank chute control provides 180 degrees of chute control rotation and throws the snow up to 30 feet, while the OHV four-stroke engine will give you an estimated 9.5-foot pounds of torque.

Inside a reinforced steel housing that’s built to last, the 12-inch serrated auger will make short work of the snow on your driveway – gravel or no gravel. And with six forward and two reverse speeds, you have plenty of power options for when you’re out clearing the drifts.


  • Chute clearing tool.
  • Large-tread tires.
  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Reversible skid shoes.


  • You can get the same power for cheaper.


A well-made snow blower that isn’t exactly going to blow the competition out of the water, but it’s a decent option with some nice features, and is ideal for a small to medium-sized gravel driveway.

Husqvarna ST224 Two-Stage Snow Blower

Husqvarna ST224 Two-Stage Snow Blower

It wasn’t going to be long before the Swedes entered the fray and Husqvarna know a thing or two about manufacturing snow blowers. This is one of their more budget-friendly models, a 208cc gas-powered two-stage with an electric start.

This particular model offers a 24-inch clearing height, with a friction-disk transmission that ensures a super-smooth operation when you’re clearing your property of snow. It’s packed full of features to give you the best snow blowing experience and is still very reasonably priced considering what you get.

Of all the snow blower designs available, even the “budget” Husqvarna products look the business.


  • Quality construction.
  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • 15-inch tires.
  • Skid shoes.
  • Chute clearing tool.
  • Headlights.


  • The reverse is on the slow side.


Husqvarna snowblowers not only perform well in all kinds of conditions – but they also look good. A lot of thought has gone into the design, and it just feels quality. And little touches like heated hand warmers are a huge bonus in this price range, too.

Husqvarna ST227P Two-Stage Snow Blower

Husqvarna ST227P Two-Stage Snow Blower

Let’s up the ante now with this larger, more powerful Husqvarna, with a solid 254cc gas engine. Featuring that all-important power steering for easy cornering, the easy-to-use trigger controls are both convenient and practical and allow superior maneuverability in all conditions.

The electric starter will get you going at the push of a button, while the heavy-duty auger is tough enough to grind down heavier patches of ice and snow.

The chute deflector is controlled with a lever on the dashboard panel and provides a high throwing capacity, while the friction-disk drive system will see you smoothly through the snowfall.

Possibly one of the best on the market – certainly at this price.


  • Cast-iron gear box.
  • Skid shoes.
  • Headlights.
  • Large clearing width.
  • Chute clearing tool included.
  • Heated hand grips.
  • Solid construction.
  • Highly rated.


  • Reports of a problem with the belt – spares might be necessary.


Another solid addition to the Husqvarna fleet that has all the features you might expect along with their trademark durable and stylish build quality. This is a beast of a machine from the Swedes.

Poulan Pro PR300 Snow Blower

Poulan Pro PR300 Snow Blower

If you are looking for a snowblower with a super-wide clearing range, take a look at the Poulan Pro PR300. It can clear a 30-inch wide patch of snow in a single pass. And the electric start 254cc OHV engine makes sure you are up and running through wet snow with no difficulty.

Other noteworthy features include power steering which allows you to direct the blower with a single hand and sturdy ribbon augers.

In short, the Poulan Pro PR300 is a two-stage blower that just works.


  • Ultra-wide clearing range.
  • The motor starts pretty easily.
  • 6 forward and 1 reverse speed add to the convenience.
  • Durable ribbon augers.


  • Gearing could be better and more consistent.


Nobody wants to spend a whole day clearing snow from the driveway. The Poulan Pro PR300 does the job quickly thanks to its 30-inch wide clearing area. Add to it some sturdy augers, remote chute, and deflector controls, and you can imagine the ease of use.

Simply put, the Poulan Pro PR300 is a stellar product in almost every way.

Poulan Pro PR241 Snow Blower

The Poulan Pro PR241 follows the same general design as the PR300 but with a few tweaks to keep the costs down.

First, the PR241 has a 208cc engine compared to the 254cc of the PR300. The clearing area is also limited to only 24 inches in comparison to the 30 inches of the PR300.

Second, there are no lights on the unit.

And lastly, there is no power steering and single-hand control.

All of these omissions may look like deal breakers but these are extras and not necessities. In other words, even after omitting all of these features, the PR241 is a capable snowblower.


  • Costs much less than the bigger models.
  • The price to performance ratio is pretty good.
  • Durable chassis.


  • The lack of power steering is annoying but not a deal-breaker.


The Poulan Pro PR241 is among the best budget snow blowers on the market. Aside from a few comforts, it has everything that bigger and more expensive snow blowers have.

Good performance and great price make the PR241 a product worth recommending.

Cub Cadet 357cc 3-Stage Snow Blower

Speaking of three-stage snow blowers, allow me to introduce this Cub Cadet in their distinctive yellow livery. It has a beast of an engine to power the three-stage snow throwing technology – the auger, impeller, and additional grinding augers for really tough ice and snow.

Ideal for packed, wet, or heavy snowfall, this monster will make short work of anything you give it for dinner.

With a steel, crank-operated discharge chute, power steering with fingertip controls, tough and durable skid shoes for all-terrain, and a heavy-duty gearbox – this is an animal of a snowblower that can’t wait to be let out of the packing crate.


  • Very powerful.
  • Headlights.
  • Heated hand warmers.
  • Up to 50% faster than a two-stage machine.
  • 26-inch clearing width.
  • Great clearance for gravel driveways.


  • Heavy.
  • Overkill for most people.


If you really need a three-stage snow blower then look no further. If you’re sitting on the fence, take a look at this article on 2-stage versus 3-stage snow blowers and see if you can make your mind up which product is right for you.

Troy-Bilt Polar Blast 2-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

Another quality snow blower now in the Troy-Bilt line of machines, this one is called the Polar Blast.

It features a 356cc four-stroke engine with an electric start, with a large clearing width of 33-inches and a clearing depth of 22-inches so you can throw more snow from your property in one easy pass.

The Blast has high-impact, polymer skid shoes that help protect surfaces from scuffing, and are ideal for use over gravel driveways.

One-handed operation allows you to rotate the discharge chute without stopping or slowing down, while the huge 16-inch X-TRAC tires provide unbeatable traction no matter the conditions.


  • Tough and durable build.
  • Heated hand warmers.
  • Headlight.
  • 180-degree chute rotation.
  • Heavy-duty auger and impeller.
  • Powerful engine.


  • Crank chute control is outdated at this price point.


A rugged and durable two-stage snow-blower that packs a punch, the Polar Blast is another quality addition to the Troy-Bilt portfolio. A lot of thought has gone into the skid shoe design and this makes it very suitable for gravel driveways.

Husqvarna ST430T Two-Stage Snow Blower

We’re coming into the big boys on the block now as we wind down the best for gravel driveways with some real monster machines. First up we have this 420cc two-stage track drive snowblower from Husqvarna.

Designed with professionals in mind who need commercial-class snow-clearing power, this has a 30-inch clearing width to make short work of most large driveways.

It has one of the best electric starter systems in any model, with a fuel-injection engine, and a cast-iron impeller fan for some real heavy-duty snow shifting.

The hydrostatic transmission ensures that piloting this behemoth is silky smooth, while the track drive offers unbeatable traction and control no matter the terrain.


  • Heated hand warmers.
  • Chute cleaning tool.
  • Skid shoes.
  • Headlights.
  • Trigger power steering.
  • Premium quality construction.
  • Suitable for all conditions.


  • Assembly takes a while.
  • Very heavy.
  • Expensive.


This is a commercial-grade snow blower that will breeze through anything winter can muster. Perfect for gravel driveways on hilly or challenging terrain, track snow blowers take the machines to another level.

Ariens Professional Rapidtrak 2-Stage Snow Blower

It wouldn’t be a snow blower review without including an Ariens product. The Wisconsin company manufactures some of the best models in the business, and this Rapidtrak is no exception.

Featuring a very powerful 420cc Ariens Polar Force AX engine that can launch snow up to 60 feet, it’s another commercial-grade machine that will tear through any snow conditions. The track drive system has three different positions, so you can suit the traction power of the unit to the terrain you’re clearing.

It also includes the hydrostatic drive system – which keeps things running smoothly come what may. And with auto-turn, trigger less technology, the snowblower can turn on a dime when you need to make another pass.


  • Market leader in snow blowers.
  • Heated hand grips.
  • Headlight.
  • Skid shoes.
  • Remote chute control.
  • Huge clearing width.
  • 60-foot throwing distance.
  • Cast iron gearbox.
  • Drift cutters.


  • Very expensive.
  • Heavy.


Possibly the best snow blower for sloped gravel driveway there is. Unbeatable, professional-grade quality from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of snow moving equipment.

Honda HSS1332ATD Two-Stage Snow Blower

Let’s finish with this Honda snowblower that is actually more like a tank. With a seriously heavy-duty build, this machine is backed by a 398cc Honda engine – so you know it’s got quality under the hood from the get-go.

With a massive 32-inch clearing width you can chomp up to a whopping 2750 lbs of snow per minute – which will have you by the fire in next to no time.

The auger height control is especially attractive for tackling all kinds of terrain, allowing you to adjust the clearing height of the machine with the touch of your thumb.

That’s a major advantage as opposed to manually adjusting skid shoes and makes this machine one of the best on the market.


  • Top-quality construction.
  • Electric start.
  • Hydrostatic drive.
  • Joystick chute control.
  • Fingertip steering.
  • Chute clearing tool.
  • Ice-breaking auger.
  • Pneumatic gas strut for easy height adjustment.
  • Hour meter.


  • Very expensive.
  • Very heavy.


I just can’t say enough good things about this commercial-grade snowblower from Honda – the only thing missing is that it doesn’t make a cup of tea. If you’ve got a very large gravel driveway (or even a large paved driveway) and the budget – then this could well be the best winter investment you make.


Frequently asked questions

How do I clear snow from a gravel driveway?

Shoveling snow manually is tedious and back-breaking work. On top of that, shoveling snow on a gravel driveway can cause you all sorts of problems as you lift and throw more unwanted material than you intended to.

Leaf blowers might have some effect, but they’re useless on more than a few inches of snowfall.

Rock salt is an option, but it still takes time and effort to spread – and it’s certainly not instantaneous. It can also damage certain surfaces with its acidity.

A snowplow isn’t advisable on a gravel driveway – you might not end up having a driveway at all.

By the process of elimination, a snow blower is a way forward. Just make sure that it is a two or three-stage version.

Can snow blowers be used on gravel driveways?

Yes, they can. Providing they are either a two-stage or a three-stage model.

Single-stage snowblowers should never be used on a gravel driveway as they clear right to the ground.

If you don’t have a gravel driveway and you think a single-stage model might be for you, check out this article on single-stage snow blowers.

The height of two/three-stage machines can be adjusted, which ensures you’re only lifting and shifting snow from the surface – and no unwanted material.

Which brand makes the best snow blowers?

Most of the brands in this list manufacture top-quality snow blowers and it’s difficult to pin down one particular company overall.

If pressed, I would lean towards Ariens, with Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt, and Briggs & Stratton all coming in close behind.

What type of snow blower is good for a gravel driveway?

Two and three-stage snow blowers are ideal for gravel driveways. You’re looking for any machine with an adjustable clearing height.

Can you use a single stage snow blower on gravel?

No – it is not recommended at all. Not unless you want to ruin your driveway and your snowblower.

Do snow blowers damage driveways?

If you use the wrong type of snowblower it is possible to significantly damage your driveway and other property/people/pets in close proximity.

Never use a single-stage machine on a gravel or turf surface as it will damage whatever is underneath, as well as throwing up all kinds of unwanted material.

Of course, care should be taken on any surface with any machine, but with a little common sense and a few precautions, there’s no reason why a snow blower will do any lasting damage to your driveway.

Can a gravel driveway be plowed?

It is possible, but it’s something of a challenge. If you’re looking for how to clear snow from a gravel driveway – a two-stage snow blower is the best way to go.

Aside from the versions in this review, check this article for more of the finest two-stage snow blowers on the market today.

Will a gravel driveway damage my snowblower?

As much as the wrong type of snowblower will damage a gravel driveway, so will the driveway damage the snowblower.

While general wear and tear can be expected over the years and regular maintenance advised if the surface of the area you’re trying to clear is throwing unwanted material into the machine – it will significantly impair the performance and potentially shorten the life of the tool.

Again, make sure you’re using the correct snow blower for your property, and set it at the right height. A little trial and error might be required.

Will an electric snow blower work on a gravel driveway?

So long as it’s a two-stage machine then the answer is yes. Unfortunately, electric two-stage machines are limited, such as the amount of power it takes to have an efficiently performing product in this class.

Most electric machines are of the one-stage snow blower variety – and are simply not suitable for gravel surfaces.

I have a sloped driveway – which snow blower do I need?

If you’re clearing any hilly areas, steep or sloping terrain, or if the conditions underneath are likely to be challenging, I would recommend any snowblower with a track-drive system.

How high should I set my skid shoes for a gravel driveway?

A great question – but each individual situation is different.

It can depend on a number of factors, so watch this informative video below for advice on how to adjust the clearing height of your snow blower – and how high it should be set.


The best for gravel driveways are the two and three-stage machines, and thankfully, the market offers plenty of choices to find the right one that’s suitable for you.

For me, I think the Husqvarna ST224 is an excellent product. It’s packed with loads of high-end features at a very affordable price – and it looks and feels quality, too. For most people, I feel this would be all you need.

Let me know which machine you would choose and why.

Happy snow blowing – I hope your gravel driveway remains where it should!

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