7 Best Winter Work Gloves 2021 for Comfortable Outdoor Working

Wouldn’t it be great if all work stopped in the winter?! Just the sight of dark days with freezing temperatures drains away from our productivity.

But we all know the work must continue.

And so, to make your work a bit easier, the following are the best winter work gloves you can buy.

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7 Best Winter Work Gloves 2021

Wells Lamont Deerskin Winter Work Gloves

For the lovers of soft, warm gloves, the Wells Lamont Deerskin Winter Work Gloves are a treat. They are plenty warm and can stand up to some abuse.

First up, the presence of deerskin makes the gloves soft. Wait a second, didn’t I already say it? Well, that doesn’t make any difference because they are that soft.

And in addition to being soft, the Wells Lamont Deerskin Winter Work Gloves are warm thanks to the layer of 3M Thinsulate.

If you don’t know what Thinsulate, it is just a fancy term for synthetic polyester. And to make the gloves even better at heat retention, Wells Lemont lined them with fleece.


  • Separately stitched, ergonomic thumb makes handling easier.
  • Quite flexible which makes the glove great for mechanical jobs.
  • Abrasion-resistant so the gloves will keep your hands safe.
  • Easy to put on and take off.


  • The gloves aren’t very breathable.
  • They don’t stand up to repeated abuse so only use them for light work.


The Wells Lamont Deerskin Winter Work Gloves are awesome for tasks such as gardening. Deerskin makes them soft and abrasion-resistant, while the polyester lining locks in the heat.

All in all, a great pair for driving around or cleaning.

Custom Leathercraft Handyman Flex Grip Work Glove

If you are looking for a perfectly fitting glove, the Handyman Flex Grip Work Glove does come close.

The Handyman Flex Gloves are made from synthetic leather and that is why they are incredible insulators. And because synthetic leather is water-resistant, the gloves perform well when faced with wet conditions.

While we are on the subject of leather work gloves, check out the best one here.

To make the deal even sweeter, the gloves have ample padding on the palm, knuckles, and back of the wrist. Couple this with the stretchy material on the palm, and you have a glove that provides protection and flexibility at the same time.

Finally, the fingers have a unique texture that allows for more grip and touch-sensitivity for your smartphone.


  • Good water-resistance thanks to synthetic leather.
  • They are warm thanks to the heat retention properties of synthetic leather.
  • The Velcro strap does a good job securing the glove.
  • Synthetic leather resists abrasion quite well.
  • Great fit and dexterity.


  • The touch-sensitive material on the fingerprints wears out pretty quickly.
  • The gloves don’t provide a lot of grip.


The Handyman Flex Gloves are for people that require the best fit. And there is no argument that they fit snug. But this fit comes at a cost.

These gloves aren’t as durable as some other options on the market.

In short, for housework, yard work, gardening, or any other light work the Handyman Flex Gloves get my full recommendation.

Superior Winter Work Gloves

Arguably one of the best winter work gloves for dexterity, the Superior Winter Work Gloves are my go-to choice of work gloves for use in below zero temperatures.

The construction of the Superior Winter Gloves is two folds. The outer layer is nylon while the inner layer is fleece. Due to this, the gloves are both water-resistant and warm.

Furthermore, to make sure the gloves don’t get stiff in sub-zero temps, Superior uses a PVC coating on the palm.

Last but not the least, the Superior Winter Work Gloves are ANSI 2 puncture and ANSI 3 abrasion-resistant.


  • The nylon exterior and the fleece work together to keep the gloves warm even when the temps drop below zero.
  • Flexibility and dexterity thanks to the PVC coating on the palm.
  • Water-resistance works and keeps your hands from getting drenched.
  • Excellent grip.

Excellent grip


  • Wearing these gloves, you can make or receive calls but not much else.


The Superior Winter Work Gloves are perfect for people who need something light and durable for cold weather. And although they will not help you much in Arctic conditions, they are still warm enough for most people.

Finally, the gloves fit great and remain flexible in cold weather. The way I see it, they are a solid deal.

Wells Lamont Heavy Duty Leather Winter Work Gloves

In search of winter gloves for heavy-duty work? You are in the right place as the Wells Lemont Men’s Heavy-Duty Leather Winter Work Gloves are one of the warmest options on the market.

The thing that makes these gloves so warm is their multi-layer construction. The outer layer is grain pigskin which protects against the elements.

The inner layer, on the other hand, is fleece to provide warmth. Lastly, a layer of 100 grams of 3M Thinsulate further locks in the body heat.

And to make sure no snow or water gets in, the gloves include a knit wrist that fits pleasantly tight.


  • The gloves are abrasion resistant and can survive punctures.
  • They are warm and comfortable to wear for a long period.
  • Leather knuckle straps that can stand up to cuts and scratches.
  • Lightweight construction.


  • Not fully waterproof.
  • Not as intricate-work friendly as some other options on the market.


If I were to pick the warmest work gloves, the Heavy-Duty Leather Winter Work would be right up there with the best. They are soft, built like a tank, and provide enough resistance against snow, dirt, and water.

All in all, the Heavy-Duty Leather Winter Work Gloves are a worthy pair of winter work gloves.

Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

The Carhartt WP Waterproof Insulated Gloves aim to be your go-to for heavy-duty work in the extreme cold. And they do make a good first impression.

The gloves are entirely synthetic. On one hand, this is a good thing since polyester is quite warm and resists water. But, on the flip side, the inner lining of polyurethane can potentially stifle your hands.

And as the name suggests, the Carhartt WP aims to be waterproof. In fairness, they are for a while, but the moisture does get in.


  • The gloves are warm in the truest sense of the word.
  • The waterproofing works well enough for it to be a plus point.
  • Abrasion-resistant and can stand against the elements.
  • Reasonably dexterity so they will get the job done in most cases.


  • The cut off to put the glove on is too small which makes putting on the gloves an actual pain.
  • There is little to no breathability. So, get ready for sweaty hands.


The Carhartt WP are waterproof to the point that you can use them for an hour or two without getting your hands wet. But beyond that, they are just water-resistant.

Furthermore, they are quite warm. So, you can use them in sub-zero temperatures. But if you want even more heat, head over to our reviews for the best heated work gloves.

In short, they are quite close to becoming the best waterproof winter work gloves.

Winter Work Gloves for Men by Mechanix

What do you get when you combine synthetic leather, a fleece lining, and a layer of proprietary fabric to repel water? You get the Winter Work Gloves by Mechanix.

Now, because they are synthetic leather, they are tough aka abrasion-resistant.

By being abrasion-resistant, the gloves can withstand dirt, snow, sand, and everything else that might hurt your hands.

The SoftShell fabric, on the contrary, is there to keep your paws dry. In other words, no water or wind can get in at least in theory.

Finally, the neoprene cuff makes it easy to put the glove on and take it off.


  • SoftShell fabric resists water quite well.
  • The dexterity of these gloves is off the charts.
  • The fleece liner is a great insulator which means it keeps the gloves warm.
  • Touch screen compatible index finger and thumb make for easy phone operation.


  • The gloves are warm but not warm enough for use in super cold weather.
  • Not as durable as I would have liked.


The Winter Work Gloves by Mechanix have monster dexterity. I know, I know that is a ridiculous adjective to use, but the point stands. You can do almost everything with these gloves.

I say ‘almost’ everything because these gloves are not made for scary-cold winters. They are not warm enough.

In short, for best in class dexterity, the Winter Work Gloves by Mechanix are hard to beat.

KINGSBOM Waterproof & Windproof Thermal Gloves

The KINGSBOM gloves may be the warmest gloves on this list.

The magic happens when three layers of 3M Thinsulate form the outer layer while the Polar fleece marks the inner layer. These materials are great for keeping the water out and the heat in.

Moreover, the padded palm is synthetic leather. Synthetic leather, as you might know, is quite good at resisting abrasive materials such as dirt and snow.

Oh, and it also improves the dexterity of the gloves by a large margin.

Finally, the silica gel anti-slip coating on the fingers and the palm makes the KINGSBOM Thermal Gloves grippy.


  • One of the warmest gloves on the market.
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • Dexterity is well done no matter how you look at it.
  • Water resistance and wind resistance works.
  • Touch screen compatible with index fingers and thumbs.
  • Excellent breathability.


  • Not for heavy-duty tasks like construction work or repair.
  • The seams at the fingers are not waterproof which means water will get in from the seams.


I am not exaggerating when I say that the KINGSBOM Thermal Gloves are the warmest gloves on the list. They are warm enough for use in sub-zero temperatures.

On top of this, aside from the seams, they resist water and wind better than most other gloves. If you’re looking for something really waterproof, check out our reviews for the best waterproof work gloves out there.

Above all, they are thin and flexible enough to not hinder whatever work you are doing. They are worthy of my recommendation.

How to Choose the Right Winter Work Gloves

Gloves hung on two skiing poles

Choosing the best cold weather work gloves requires you to consider a range of factors. Some of the most important ones are detailed below.

Get Gloves That Are Suitable for Your Job

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that different types of work require different types of gloves. For instance, in climates where the temperature drops to 0 degrees F or below, gloves lined with fur make more sense than cotton ones.

Similarly, when it comes to performing tasks that require dexterity, thick, fur-lined gloves are not the way to go. In situations like mechanical repairs, chemical work, or plumbing gloves that resist chemicals and liquids are more desirable.

For example, knitter nitrile gloves have a special coating that keeps liquids such as greases and chemicals away from your hands.

On the other hand, if the only work you do during winter is snow removal, then waterproof and snowproof gloves should get your money. Gloves made from artificial fabrics like felt are great insulators. They are also quite waterproof.

Above all, make sure you choose comfortable gloves. Because even the best work gloves can be a nightmare if they are uncomfortable.

Choose Suitable Materials

Consider this factor per the type of work you do. By this, I mean that first figure out the work you are going to be doing with the gloves. After this, figure the materials that will prove to be the best for that kind of work.

Let us assume that you are a mechanic and need gloves that are great for mechanical work. Considering the type of work, you need gloves that are thin, flexible, water, and chemical resistant, and provide enough grip.

Synthetic materials carry all these qualities. So, you will choose gloves that are polyester, nylon, or felt, etc.

On the contrary, if you don’t do mechanical work and require gloves for yard work, choose gloves that are thick, comfortable, and plenty warm. Materials like double-layered cotton, fur, and wool, are suitable for that kind of work.

Get Something That Fits

Tell me one thing about clothes that makes them look super cheap. If you answer ‘fit’ – you are correct! The same goes for gloves. But in addition to looking cheap, ill-fitting gloves are also uncomfortable and unusable.

First up, if you get gloves that are larger than your size, get ready for one annoyance after another. Larger gloves don’t stay on for long. Inch by inch these gloves will slip away. And at the end of the day, you will be adjusting them every few minutes.

Furthermore, large gloves don’t retain body heat well which means they will be cold. And even though the manufacturer may have rated them as water-resistant, they will not be able to keep your hands dry.

Secondly, gloves that are too tight will be downright uncomfortable. Such gloves are hard to wear for long periods. And they also don’t retain heat any better.

In short, choose gloves that fit you perfectly. And to do that you need to consult with measurement charts.

Now, this is where things get a little confusing.

Measurement charts of different companies are different. For instance, some companies may classify you as a Medium, while others may tag you as a Large. And there is no way to know which company will do what.

Therefore, before buying any work gloves for extreme cold weather, consult the measurement chart.

Person holding coffee with leather winter gloves

Don’t Overlook Breathability

Being a sweaty person is not fun. Get a little hot and you start to leak moisture like a cheap garden pipe. Talking about garden pipes, take a look at best soaker hoses.

So, we don’t want gloves that are suffocating. In other words, we want breathable gloves.

Breathable gloves let air pass through them. This allows the gloves to remain comfortably hot while getting rid of excessive moisture. Excessive moisture can diminish the insulating qualities of the material.

Talking about the material, different materials provide different levels of breathability. Cotton is more breathable than wool, and wool is more breathable than nylon. As a general rule, natural materials are more breathable than synthetic ones.

Therefore, if you prefer to remain cool and free from sweat, choose gloves that are made from natural materials. But remember that these gloves may not be as hot as synthetic gloves.

Of course, you can get the best of both worlds by choosing gloves made from a combination of synthetic and natural materials. For instance, woolen gloves lined with nylon insulate well and are quite breathable.

Who Doesn’t Need Touch Screen Compatibility?

Back in the days of dumbphones, you could use your phone while wearing any pair of gloves. But nowadays, you need special, touch screen compatible gloves to do the same thing.

Due to the way touch screens work, your phone won’t recognize your fingers. Manufacturers have gotten around this problem by creating special gloves that your phone’s screen recognizes. So, you can keep your hands warm and can use your phone while wearing these touch screen compatible gloves.

However, this feature varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. For instance, some companies only choose to include touch screen compatible fabrics on the index finger and the thumb. Other companies may choose to include such fabric on the whole palm.

And further still are those companies that only allow you to make and receive phone calls because their gloves can’t detect finer touches.

Try to Get Fully Waterproof Gloves

It is no secret that winter is a time when everything becomes wet. And you don’t want your hands to get wet the moment you pull on the door handle on your car. Therefore, you need waterproof gloves.

That said, finding something that is waterproof not just in name but also in practice is hard. Almost every manufacturer claims their gloves are waterproof one way or the other. So, you need to be diligent.

Now, to know whether a glove is waterproof is not, you need to look at the materials the manufacturer is using. For instance, if the glove is all leather, then it can’t be waterproof since leather is not a waterproof material.

On the other hand, if a manufacturer is using synthetic materials exclusively or using a mix of them, then there is a chance that those waterproof claims are true. And even in this case, you need to look for things like polyester or 3M Thinsulate layers.

And while we are on the subject of waterproofing, remember that no material is waterproof indefinitely.

What I mean by this is that even if you choose gloves made from completely synthetic materials, if you submerge them long enough, water will get in. So, just keep this in mind as this can lead to people developing false expectations.

Finally, pay special attention to the seams and joints as these are the areas that have the least amount of water-resistance.

So, even if a manufacturer claims waterproofing, check to see if the seams are protected or not. Seams that are without any layer of a moisture-resisting substance are almost always prone to water getting in.

Long story short, before buying any supposedly waterproof gloves, check the materials first. Then check to see if the seams have any sort of water-repellent coating.


In my opinion, the Wells Lemont Heavy Duty Leather Winter Work Gloves are the best winter work gloves.

First up, these gloves are built extremely well. So, they can survive everything you throw at them.

Secondly, they are warm enough for bitter colds.

Lastly, they resist water to some extent.

And bonus points for the ability to make and receive phone calls with the gloves on.

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