Black Friday 2020 Lawnmower deals

Mowing season might well be over for many homeowners, but this is no time to rest on your gardening laurels – Black Friday is upon us!

Notorious to some, loads of fun for others, coupled with Cyber Monday it’s a great time to try and snag yourself a bargain.

And while you can pick up all kinds of money-saving deals for your home and lifestyle, we’re focussing on the best Black Friday lawnmower deals this year (which is Friday, November 27th 2020).

Because the best time to buy new gardening tools and equipment is from November through to February.

By the way, we’ll be updating this list each hour so stick around to not miss out on the amazing offers below.

Black Friday Lawnmower Sale

Let’s take a look at the leading lawnmower brands and the bargains they’re offering this time around.

Greenworks Lawnmower Black Friday Deals

Eco-friendly Greenworks has got your back when it comes to popular and affordable garden tools and equipment that are Mother Nature approved. One of the leading battery-powered companies on the market, they’re trusted by millions and perfect if you have small to medium-sized yards and gardens.

Snag yourself a bargain that’s also kind to the environment – and your pocket.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about eco-friendlier lawnmower options, we recommend you read this article on gas vs electric lawnmowers as a starting point of which type of lawnmower you should go for. If you go the eco-friendly route, here are some of the best battery-powered lawnmowers.

Speaking of lawnmower types…

If, however, you’re just not sure which lawnmower type is best for your lawn, time, and needs, then this article looking into different types of lawn mowers is your home plate if we’re talking baseball terms.

Ego Black Friday Deals 

Arguably the best environmentally-friendly lawn care company out there, EGO manufactures some real quality stuff, and they’re consistently rated as the number one battery platform on the market. Offering industry-leading power packs, with fast recharge times and the ability to use across multiple platforms, EGO is a one-stop-shop for all your yard-care needs.

Just don’t let owning one go to your ego…

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By the way, here are both 2 previously mentioned brands side by side, check out our comparison of Greenworks vs Ego Lawnmowers.

Black & Decker Lawnmower Black Friday Deals

One of the most popular and recognizable home and garden companies, Black and Decker (or Black + Decker to introduce their new logo properly) has been producing quality, budget-friendly tools, and appliances since way back in 1910. Headquartered just north of Baltimore, they have some excellent Black Friday 2020 lawnmower deals on right now – so check them out right here, and don’t miss your opportunity for an awesome Black Friday and Decker purchase.

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Craftsman Lawnmower Black Friday Deals

Starting off life as a house brand from Sears, Craftsman has evolved into a quality tool manufacturer in its own right. Today, they still offer that same top-drawer “craftsmanship” they have become famous for over the past 90 years, as their name quite rightly suggests.

Their 60-Volt battery-powered range is particularly noteworthy, and they really do make some great stuff. See if you can find a money-saver in the products below.

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Husqvarna Lawnmower Black Friday Deals

One of the oldest manufacturing and engineering companies in the world, Swedish company Husqvarna have been at the forefront of innovation in this game as far back as 1689! They’ve come a long way since first producing muskets, and now make some of the best garden power tools in the world – of which their zero-turn mowers are no exception.

Perhaps this time they’re offering that Black Friday riding lawnmower you’ve always dreamed of?

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Husqvarna is a stamp of approval quality-wise. They can handle many different terrains. So, if you’re looking into some of the best lawn mowers for rough terrain, Husqvarna should definitely be in your top 5 choices.

If you want to dig a little bit deeper on Husqvarna, here’s our side by side comparison of Cub Cadet vs John Deere vs Husqvarna Lawn Tractors.

And if you’re wondering why we’re mentioning tractors when you came here for lawn mowers (that includes zero-turn mowers) then here’s an article just on that – zero-turn mowers vs lawn tractors.

Worx Lawnmower Black Friday Deals

Based out of China and with US headquarters in Carolina, Worx is a truly global brand offering cut-price and budget garden equipment, power tools, and more. They won’t break the bank like some high-end brands – but that doesn’t make them any less quality, and they can easily go toe-to-toe with the very best.

With award-winning designs that already cost a fraction of what you could pay, you’re already onto a winner with Worx – and that’s even before they take more BF money off.

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Sun Joe Lawnmower Black Friday Deals

Sun Joe in summer, Snow Joe in winter – this is one company that has you covered year-round, season after season.

One of the newer manufacturers on our best lawnmower brands list, they’ve been making affordable outdoor power tools since 2004. Specializing in electric and battery-powered models, they’re ideal if you have a smaller yard or garden to tend, and you can be sure to always save a bit of coin when dealing with them.

Toro Lawnmower Black Friday Deals

US company Toro are known for their professional-grade turf-maintenance tools and irrigation equipment, including some world-class walk behind push lawnmowers. Based out of Bloomington, Minnesota, these guys are ready for the outdoors, and you will regularly see their products in operation on sports grounds and at recreational facilities come rain, snow, or shine.

Take your gardening game to the next level with a thrifty Toro today.

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Snapper Lawnmower Black Friday Deals

When it comes to lawnmowers, Snapper is something of an iconic brand. That’s because we have them to thank for the first-ever self-propelled rotary mower, which they engineered back in 1951. Since then, they’ve gone on to become one of the best in the business, manufacturing high-end lawn care tools in their distinctive red livery.

Go on – snap one up – but you’ll need to be snappy about it.

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Snapper, to us, screams “MOVE, GET OUT THE WAY”, it’s no wonder this brand is a favorite to us when reviewing specific types of lawnmowers, like, durable lawn mowers for hills or powerful electric-start self-propelled lawnmowers.

Thumbs up for Snapper from us at Yard Thyme.

Troy-Bilt Lawnmower Black Friday Deals

Headquartered in Ohio, Troy-Bilt have been manufacturing quality tools and equipment on US soil since 1937. They made the first residential rototiller that year, and have since grown from strength to strength, producing some solid garden power tools including some outstanding ride-on lawnmowers made with premium components.

And with products tested to within an inch of their lives, you can be sure you’re always getting a great deal, no matter what day it is.

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That’s it, folks! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the very best Black Friday lawnmower deals – and not just on the day itself – as bargains can be had in the lead up to the event and beyond.

We hope you manage to get what you’re looking for – because saving money is one of life’s little joys.

Happy Black Friday!