Different Types of Lawn Mowers – Which Is The One For You?

The fact is, like anybody else, you probably love a beautiful, smooth lawn, a lawn that’s the envy of your neighborhood.

And you’re probably also a busy person, so let’s not mow around the bush and just get into the different types of lawnmowers.

Before we jump into it, keep in mind that the terrain, lawn size, power needs, and a whole lot of other features make your decision in which mower is the right one for you!

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Different Types of Lawn Mowers – Explained!

Orange mower on green grass

Rotary Lawn Mowers

As far as lawnmowers go, this is one of the most common ones available. They have a single cutting blade that rotates in a horizontal line underneath the mower, usually at a breakneck speed.

Think of it like your local food processor with the engine it packs. This is because the blade spins and cuts the grass it comes in contact with.

Getting a lawnmower with great performance is necessary to keep your lawn in shape. More so if it’s one that can deal with just about any surface you throw at it.

I recommend getting a rotary lawnmower for tough and long grass. Some alternatives also have a rotating blade design due to its effectiveness at trimming your lawn.

Furthermore, there are options you can choose from within the range of rotary lawnmowers. There’s the electric-powered variety, the cordless rechargeable battery variety, and even the petrol engine powered rotary lawnmower.

Of course, you’d expect them to have their positives and negatives. But with a rotating blade, they have some similarities.

Like me, you’ll have to give some thought to maintenance. You wouldn’t want your mower lasting for one week only.

Rotary mowers are quite easy to maintain, even though you have to be wary of some parts getting bent. All you have to do is take care of it properly so that it lasts longer and works effectively.

Hover Lawn Mowers

This is a type of lawnmower with parts that move just above the ground. They are still of the rotary variety, but they don’t slide on the surface. This makes them quite the buy since they’re not limited by the kind of surface they cover.

Furthermore, you’ll find that hover lawn mowers are easy to push and give off less friction when in contact with the ground.

It’s no secret that it’s difficult to mow an unusually shaped lawn. With this mower, you’ll quite easily cut grass from tight corners, rough patches, and odd edges.

You might want to keep them away from more extensive lawns though. A bigger lawnmower would come in handy because hover lawn mowers are mostly electric.

What’s more, they tend to be cheaper than other alternatives. However, you’ll probably need something stronger if your lawn covers a lot of ground.

Electric Lawn Mowers

You’ll find that many lawn mowers are powered electrically. Not bad if you have a small lawn space or garden to look after. With a power outlet close by, all you have to do is plug and mow.

But you might want to consider the length of your cable, especially if your lawn is reasonably sized. With a short cable, edges and corners of your lawn may be left untouched.

One way to prevent this if you’ve decided to buy an electric mower is to have a measurement of your garden before you buy it. This way, you don’t make a blind buy that’s likely to leave you disappointed.

In terms of storage, their lightweight nature makes things easy. This also goes for usage outdoors since you’ll find them easy to steer on your grass.

If you don’t have a big budget, I suggest you get an electric mower.

Reel Lawn Mowers

Man mowing football stadium grass

These lawnmowers have lasted for a long while. They are the classic mowers with simple to use features.

They come with a set of blades that often number between five and eight, and that’s not including the stationary blade at the rear. They both work together to cut the grass and give your lawn an organized look.

Depending on your grass cutting needs, I recommend five blades for weak grass, while six blades will do the trick for tougher grass.

Reel machines come with some benefits. Your neighbor will appreciate less noise as you mow your lawn. This is because the machines won’t puff or make funny noises.

Then there’s the fact that they’re safe with the blades in clear sight and always in control.

You’ll have to sharpen them sometimes (annually would be fine) though for effective cuts. Also, you’ll be safe from debris hitting you at a very high speed.

Since sharpening is part of the maintenance process you’ll simply have to deal with, why not read this article on the best lawn mower blade sharpeners!?

If you’ve got a small lawn, reel lawn mowers are your best bet for a quick job. But since they are quite labor-intensive, they wouldn’t be my choice for a larger space.

Furthermore, you’ll have a better time mowing on level grounds than uneven surfaces.

If you have uneven terrain, I recommend looking specifically into some of the best lawnmowers for hills.

Tall grasses are also a definite no-no for reel mowers.

With different lawn mower types of the reel variety getting more features, more people are turning to them. The push and power reel mowers have become popular with many people using them as a form of exercise.

What’s more, their features mark them out as eco-friendly.

Furthermore, you now have a lightweight design, pneumatic tires, aluminum handles, and a host of other features that contribute to its appeal.

As always, maintenance is essential. The reel mower presents little challenges here but it’s simple to use. You can also adjust the blades depending on the cut you want.

However, I suggest a reel mower for a small or slightly larger lawn. You can choose from electric, gas and other variants of the reel mower.

Solar-Powered Lawn Mowers

Much like the robotic lawnmower, solar-powered options don’t need much of a supervision to get going.

I’m certainly not alone when I say I like my lawn looking fresh and trimmed so that I can relax in it with a smile on my face. But the fact is such a space needs maintenance.

To do that, a machine that produces less noise, and takes even less of your time and energy comes in handy.

You won’t have gas problems. With energy from the sun, you won’t be dealing with fumes, or at least feel guilty about depleting the atmosphere with dangerous gases.

Electrical options as mowers also mean you’ll spend more on electrical bills. This is not the case with solar options because you won’t fret about the length of cable and cost since energy from the sun is free.

Petrol Lawn Mowers

Sometimes all you can do with a rather large lawn is get an even more efficient and effective lawnmower. For this, a petrol mower is the best bet. You’ll have the perfect trims no matter the size of the area.

It’s also much better than the electrical counterparts that seem to have limited lengths of wires to the mains.

The cost of petrol lawnmowers might be a challenge but they are worth the hype.

They’re much more powerful, cut quicker, and can go over rough terrains. Even irregular-shaped objects are not left out. I find it great for those who want an even trim across larger surfaces.

If you’ve won the lottery with a big and rough lawn, you’re might want to read this article on just that – the best riding lawnmowers for rough terrain.

And, yes a riding mower, because if you have anything over 2 acres of land, I highly recommend getting a riding mower.

Engines of petrol mowers are like your typical car engine. With the fuel they use, they’ll definitely give off more smoke into the atmosphere, and you’ll need to have them serviced once in a while.

Maintenance is also much like your car; checking the oil, parts, and changing the blades when necessary. Further, depending on your lawn, get a powerful unit to suit the purpose.

Unpowered Push Lawn Mowers

While they’re a variation of the reel lawn mower or cylinder mowers, they have no motor to power them. Instead, you’ll have to push them over the surface of the lawn you want to trim with your own strength.

The force you apply will ultimately decide how much of a trim you get or surface you cover.

If you have a small lawn or garden, their lightweight frame shouldn’t provide much of a problem when mowing. What’s more, push lawn mowers are quiet and have no side effects on the ecosystem.

Being on a tight budget makes push lawn mower the best option to keep your lawn in pristine shape. It’s a given you need strength to push them, particularly if your lawn is large or sloppy.

Either way, maintenance is easy to perform.

The Ride-On Mower

Woman on a riding mower

A ride-on lawnmower is a driven machine that ultimately costs you less effort and input, at least, on the physical side. And now, you have many commercial zero-turn mower options to choose from.

Look at it this way; a larger lawn will definitely need a machine that can cover all the yards without any hassles. This is why it’s the most expensive as far as mowers are concerned.

Putting in many hours of work can be quite tasking. That’s why I prefer a tool such as the ride-on mower, which allows me to sit and steer for better trims. They’re more effective than most push and powered mowers.

Think of them like a mini tractor, which gives your grass the much-needed cut it needs.

What’s more, depending on the season or weather, you can attach tools like snowplows, blowers, and yard vacuums to clean your environment. They can be driven over hills and can go over tough surfaces.

Being fairly new in comparison to other types of mowers, the ride-on has similar controls to vehicles with varieties featuring manual and automatic controls.

For the blades, you have multiple rotating blades that cut horizontally and located at the center of the mower.

Cordless Lawn Mowers

In a bid to have some comfort mowing their lawns, homeowners often ask what are the different types of lawnmowers, and the best options that suit their needs.

Well, if you’re one of them, perhaps having a cordless option that provides easy to use features, and benefits is ideal for you.

Unlike other powered options, you don’t have to deal with the issues a cord length gives. This is because it covers any range you want it to work on, particularly if you have a rather large garden or lawn. It’s a great choice, provided you have the budget for it.

The cordless lawn mowers have different variations, including those with nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries. I’ll recommend that you go for the lithium-ion battery type of cordless lawnmowers.

But you’ll have to part with more for it because of the value it represents.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

With technology reaching new heights, you’d expect lawnmowers to be affected positively.

Robotic mowers come with the kind of convenience that ensures you don’t have to monitor its activities. This is because there are upgraded designs that enable them to spot and turn away from obstacles.

More so, they can be tuned to cut just the way you want them to. They’re not overly expensive, especially if you consider the value you get out of them. This is particularly true if you find it difficult to mow your lawn or plain out hate it.

All you have to do when you get a robotic mower is follow the instructions to get it going.

Set it up and watch it level your lawn; some designs also have parking capabilities. Although you may need something a little bit serious to mow hilly areas.


With the different types of mowers explained here, you have a lot of choices. Also, keep in mind that the types here also have variations under them. But it’s important to find the one that typically fits your garden or lawn.

To do this, you should be mindful of a few unwritten guidelines. Consider the size of your lawn. If it’s a small space measuring about 1000 square feet, you can pick an electric or cordless mower. A push mower will also do well on small surface areas.

Robotic and solar-powered options will also do well for lawn sizes that can easily be covered. Get your configurations right and leave the mower to work.

Lawn sizes that are above 1000 square feet but under 2500 are medium-sized. For these, cordless, electric, and gas mower are appropriate choices. A ride-on mower isn’t a bad option too.

For lawns the size of football pitches or above medium sizes, you’ll probably need heavy machinery. A gas lawn mower will help you get the desired cut within a limited amount of time.

No matter the choice you make, consider the level of maintenance required. Cost and capabilities are also important in picking a lawnmower. Trust me, what you want is a lawnmower that gets the job done without any problem.

There you go; these are the different types of lawnmowers to help you trim that lawn. The information here will help you get what’s appropriate and stress-free. Also, do stay safe using any equipment, especially if you’ve got kids around.