The Best Time to Mow Lawn – Before Rain or After? (Answered!)

It is that time again, the grass is beginning to get leggy, and it is due for a good mow. We all struggle to know when the best time to mow the lawn is.

The weather report says rain is on the way, should I rush or wait? Is it better to mow the lawn before or after rain?

We have got the answer!

The best time to mow the lawn is when the grass is dry. It does not matter whether this is before the rain comes or after the grass has dried up.

Mowing wet grass is more difficult as it is easier to slip. It is also harder on your lawnmower and may lead to rust. Mowing the lawn while it is wet is also more likely to result in a patchy job with more ruts.

When is the Best Time to Mow the Lawn?

Mowing the lawn is best done when the grass is dry. There is no better time to mow the grass other than when it is not wet. It can be before the rain starts or after it has passed, and the grass has dried once more.

There are several reasons why you should not mow wet grass. We have compiled a list and mentioned them below.

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Why it is Better to Mow the Lawn when it is Dry

The main reason why you should not mow the lawn when it is wet is that it becomes a more difficult task. When the grass is wet, it becomes more slippery. Mowing wet grass is much more likely to result in slipping than if you were to mow the lawn when it is dry.

Not only does the task of mowing the grass become harder for you, but it becomes harder for your lawn mower too. Mowing wet grass is harder on your lawn mower. Additionally, to the task of making your lawnmower work harder than it needs to, the wetness may also lead to your lawnmower rusting.

Finally, mowing wet grass is much more likely to result in an uneven and patchy cut. You are also likely to find more ruts after you have mowed wet grass than you would if you mowed the grass when it was dry.

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Other reasons to avoid cutting wet grass include:

  • You will not get an even cut as wet grass is more likely to bend and not cut straight.
  • The grass is more likely to tear rather than cut, making it more susceptible to fungi and diseases. Tearing will also lead to an uneven cut.
  • Clumps of grass are likely to stick to the blades of the lawnmower.
  • Clumps may also be quite thick and may end up being left on the lawn. This may result in blocking the sun and killing the grass underneath it.
  • Wet grass is heavier, making it harder for you and your lawnmower to do the job. The job is even more difficult for your lawnmower if its blades are not extremely sharp.
  • Wet soil is more prone to compaction which can result in ruts if you have a heavy lawnmower.
  • Electric lawnmowers cannot be used as water and electricity do not mix!
  • If you are working with a gas-powered lawnmower, there is the risk of getting moisture in your fuel tank which will contaminate the fuel. The moisture may even lead to your tank rusting.

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Should I Mow the Lawn Before or After the Rain?

It does not matter when you mow the lawn, as long as the grass is dry when you do it. If you are expecting rain and want to race the weather, you can mow your lawn before the rain. If you are not in such a rush, you can wait until after the rain has passed and mow the lawn once the grass has dried.

One good thing to remember, however, is that the grass is more likely to grow faster if it gets rain soon after it has been cut. It will not grow as quickly if it experiences a day or two of sun after it has been cut.

Additionally, you should take into consideration the length of your grass at the time of your decision-making. If the grass is very long and you do not think you can manage it for another day or two, it is better to mow it before the rain comes.

If you do not have a tight schedule and will have time in the next few hours or a couple of days, depending on how long it takes your grass to dry, then you can sit back and enjoy the rain while it waters your plants for you.

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Can I mow wet grass?

Although it is possible to mow your grass while it is wet, it is better to avoid it if you can. Mowing the lawn becomes a more difficult job to do if the grass is wet.

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Can I cut grass in the rain?

If you have an electric lawnmower, you will not be able to cut your grass in the rain. This is because your electrical connections will be exposed to the rain. Water and electricity do not mix well together!

Is it easier to mow wet or dry grass?

It is much easier to mow dry grass. This is because dry grass will stand up straight and higher whereas wet grass is more likely to bend. Wet grass also becomes slippery, and it is more prone to tearing rather than cutting.

This leads to more issues such as the grass becoming exposed to diseases and fungi.

How long should I wait to mow the grass after it rains?

Ideally, you should wait until your grass has dried out completely after it has rained. Even if the grass is still slightly wet in places, it can make your job more difficult to do.

Depending on how much rain you had followed by how much sun or heat you had, it can take anywhere from just a few hours to a couple of days before your grass will be dry enough to cut.

How to tell if the grass is dry enough to cut?

It is quite easy to determine when your grass is wet or dry. Dry grass stands up straight whereas wet grass is heavy and is likely to bend over. Alternatively, you could just step on the grass to see if your shoes or feet get wet.

Will mowing wet grass ruin a lawnmower?

A lawnmower’s engine is likely to work harder to mow wet grass than it would if it were to mow dry grass. Mowing wet grass is harder on lawnmowers because wet grass is much heavier, and it becomes more difficult to move.

Additionally, if you do not clean your lawnmower thoroughly after you have mowed wet grass with it, some parts of it may develop rust.

Although it will not ruin a lawnmower immediately, mowing wet grass will lead to your lawnmower deteriorating much faster than it normally would.

Is rain good for freshly cut grass?

Technically, it is not bad for your grass to receive rain soon after it has been cut. However, rain does cause the grass to grow faster.

So, if you cut your grass right before it rains, you are more likely to need to cut it again sooner than you would if there was a bit of time before it rained.

In Summary

Deciding when to mow the lawn can be a tricky thing to do. It is always best to opt to mow the grass when it is dry rather than when it is wet. Mowing wet grass is much harder, not only on you but on your lawn mower too.

If you have any stories or experience with mowing your lawn before or after it has rained, let us know in the comment section.

Tell us your method of mowing your lawn. Do you rush before the rain? Or are you happy to wait until after the weather has passed?

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