Greenworks VS Ego: The Ultimate Stand-Off of Lawnmowers 2024

Let’s leave the unkempt lawns to haunted houses only and choose the best lawnmower.

The outside of the house is as important as the inside. Anyone setting foot into your house including yourself will first be greeted by your lush lawn. So keeping it prim and proper should be at the top of the housekeeping list.

To tame that unruly grass, you need absolutely the best lawnmower. In this article, I am going to compare the two most popular names, Greenworks VS Ego lawnmowers.


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The History of Lawnmowers

White and blue lawnmower

The history of lawnmowers goes way back. Remember the push lawnmowers notorious for leaving behind unevenly cut grass and a backache? They took a backseat when the gas-powered lawnmowers entered the scene.

I used one for a while but didn’t quite enjoy inhaling my bodyweight in gas fumes. Besides, waking up the whole neighborhood with the noise wasn’t exactly well-received, either.

To rid me of my troubles, came the cordless battery-powered lawnmowers. I was immediately drawn to the tempting advertisements that touted many benefits of going cordless and promised me prettier grass.

Sick of the noise and fumes of my gas lawnmower, did I really have a choice? A week later, I was an excited yet apprehensive owner of my very first battery-powered lawnmower.

However, along with the rebellious grass of my lawn, the new mower tamed all my doubts as well. Before deciding the winner of the Ego VS Greenworks lawnmowers war, let’s look into why you should be considering battery-powered cordless lawnmower.

One obvious benefit of battery-powered cordless lawnmowers is the absence of that annoying chord, grappling which takes almost half of the time. And that’s without taking into account the potential dangers of tripping over or even severing the chord.

These benefits should take care of any confusion you might have about battery-powered lawnmowers.

  • Safe with low maintenance: Not having to tackle a chord means less hassle and safer experience. Also, bid farewell to that never-ending cycle of refueling and fixing leaks.
  • No air pollution: You will no longer be harming yourself and the environment with the fumes and toxins emitted by gas lawnmowers.
  • Quieter experience: No more loud noises and making your neighbors angry because battery-powered mowers are considerably quieter. You will only hear the slight whirring of the machine while you work your way around the lawn in peace.
  • Lightweight and more maneuverable: Unlike their corded counterparts, battery-powered lawnmowers are lightweight and easier to handle, offering better maneuverability.

Here’s a video demonstrating why you should be getting one

Now that you have an idea of what all the fuss is about, let’s dig into the matter at hand.

Greenworks VS Ego Lawnmowers: Which is The Best?

As you might have noticed by now, no product is perfect. While there are some strong pros to a product, it might have a couple of shortcomings as well. As someone who has struggled with choosing the best lawnmower, I want to make it easy for you by narrowing down to two options.

Both Greenworks and Ego are powerful contenders in the world of home & garden tools and produce some of the best-selling machines.

Greenworks promises to make the world a better place by offering eco-friendly products at attainable prices without compromising on quality. On the other hand, Ego has a success story that spans over two decades of producing innovative tools that make life a little easier. Although pricier than Greenworks products, Ego products make into hundreds and thousands of homes every year.

So, what really differentiates these two tool manufacturing giants from one another?


Charging and lasting time

The batteries of Ego lawnmowers charge rapidly within only 30 minutes and endure about 45 minutes of grass cutting. Whereas it takes 60 minutes for Greenworks mowers’ batteries to charge, but they drain after 30 minutes.

Number and compatibility

Ego mowers operate with only one battery as compared to two of Greenworks mowers. While Ego may seem less fussy in this regard, the double batteries of Greenworks mower come in handy more often than not.

If you are working a larger yard, you can start a Greenworks mower with a single battery while the second one charges. After the first one runs out of juice, you can conveniently use the second one without leaving your lawn half butchered.

However, when it comes to battery compatibility, Ego takes the lead with its batteries being compatible across all its devices. Greenworks mower batteries might be different for different devices.

Cutting Options

As we explore the dynamics of the Ego VS Greenworks war, it is noteworthy to mention the cutting options that both manufacturers provide in their mowers. Lawnmowers from both companies offer three convenient cutting options; bagging, sideways discharge, and mulching.

So, nobody wins or loses there.


This is the area that both Ego and Greenworks could use some improvement. While using Ego, I found the adjustability a bit higher for the low grass. Whereas, with Greenworks, the adjustability is low to average for high grass.


Although Greenworks mowers are more lightweight than Ego mowers and might make a case for better maneuverability, the truth is that most of their models are not self-propelling and hence, require greater exertion than you might need while working with an Ego mower.

Noise Level

All battery-powered lawn mowers are designed to make no noticeable noise. Both Ego and Greenworks make pretty low noise compared to a deafening gas mower.


Ego lawnmowers lean towards the expensive side. Greenworks offer products at more accessible price points for an average homeowner.


Ego mowers have a longer warranty as compared to Greenworks mowers. Ego offers 5 years warranty on parts and 3 years on battery, whereas, Greenworks offer 4 years warranty on parts and 2 years on battery.

While it may be a defining factor for some people, the game changes when you take into account the prices as well.


Both Ego and Greenworks have good points and slight inconveniences. While Ego produces powerful mowing machines that you can rely on, Greenworks mowers offer the best value for money. I wouldn’t crown any one of them victorious since both Ego and Greenworks mowers are efficient, easy to use, and perform well.

You may go with an Ego lawnmower if you have high and stubborn grass since it has high adjustability. Its self-propelling models will also make you work less. Greenworks mower is most suitable for lawns with low grass.

Whatever you may choose, make sure you have a good time tending to your lawn and revel in the beauty of the masterpiece you’ve created.

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