The 7 Best Cordless Lawn Edgers in 2024 + Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

Having a lawn edger in your garden shed is essential if you want to give your yard a polished look. It is a smart investment because this tool is precise and will create a crisp line between the grass and a sidewalk or pathway.

However, finding the best cordless lawn edger nowadays could be tricky since there are so many models available out there. Luckily, we found 7 lawn edgers that stand out from the competition, so keep reading!

The 7 Best Cordless Lawn Edgers 2024

Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer Edger

Often regarded as one of the best battery operated lawn edgers, Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer and Edger is beloved by many yard owners. This edger is perfect for medium to small lawns.

It is super light, weighing merely 9 pounds so you will not get tired while using it. This tool does wonders for edges near pathways and driveways, especially if you use a weed killer for your driveway before cutting the grass.

The pivoting head has four positions, and a 13-inch cutting path for the perfect finish. The 40-volt battery can last 60 minutes on a single charge, so you’ll have plenty of time to make your yard look neat and professional. You will also get a charger with your purchase. This edger doesn’t make too much noise because it is battery powered.


  • Quick push-button start.
  • Very comfortable handle.
  • It doesn’t vibrate a lot.
  • Surprisingly easy to maneuver around.
  • The battery works with other Greenworks products.


  • The pole is not adjustable.
  • Spool tangles up easily.


Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer and Edger is one of the best edgers in the market right now. It is not expensive, but you will get a professional tool that can make your lawn look picture perfect. Not to forget that it is lightweight and easy to use.

Worx WG154 Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

Worx WG154 Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

Don’t let the minimalistic design of this Worx’s edger fool you – this is a top-rated machine that delivers astonishing results. The rotating head turns this trimmer into a very accurate edger. The automatic string feed makes sure you always get the cleanest cut possible.

The ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry the trimmer, and it is quite comfortable. This edger weighs 6 pounds so you will not get tired as you do the landscaping. Powered by a 20-volt battery, it is ideal for smaller gardens. It takes five hours for the battery to be fully charged, which is great.


  • The head has a flower guard.
  • It arrives with a battery and a charger.
  • This edger is on the quieter side.
  • Can cut both grass and thick weed.
  • It doesn’t use gas or oil.


  • The edger needs a lot of spools.
  • The battery life is so-so.


You can have both a trimmer and an edger with this device. Worx WG154 is super light, simple to use, and could change the look of your small garden forever. It is also affordable, and finding spools for this model is not complicated at all.

VonHaus Trimmer/Edger

VonHaus Trimmer Edger

Another 2-in-1 option on our list, VonHaus Trimmer/Edger is highly rated due to the ergonomic design and overall power. The edger uses a 40-volt battery that can be fully charged in 75 minutes. It is interchangeable with other VonHaus garden products.

This product could be considered one of the best cordless electric lawn edgers because it has a rotating head that will give your lawn a precise cut.

VonHaus think about the comfort of the users. They invested a lot of time in the overall design of this edger. The soft-grip handle is outstanding, and you will be able to maneuver this tool without any problems.

This edger is slightly more expensive than other options on the list, but it is still an affordable option. Unfortunately, the charger will not arrive with the edger. Instead, you have to buy it separately.


  • It weighs only 10 pounds.
  • You’ll receive a safety guard that protects plants and flowers.
  • The edger features an automatic string feed.
  • Has a 9.8-inch cutting path.
  • The battery features an LED charge indicator.


  • Finding spare parts could be tricky.
  • You sometimes have to pull out the string manually.


Perfect for small to medium gardens, this lightweight unit can get the job done in no time. It passes the trimming and edging challenges with flying colors due to the safety guards that will keep your flowerbeds safe while making the rest of your yard look picture perfect.

Ukoke U02TE Cordless Electric Power Grass Trimmer

Ukoke U02TE Cordless Electric Power Grass Trimmer

With Ukoke U02TE, you don’t have to choose between a trimmer vs edger. This tool will allow you to maintain a spotless lawn without the hassle. Once you are done cutting grass and weeds, you can transform it into an edger and add the finishing touches. The pivoting head is helped by a pair of wheels for a more precise cut.

This edger is lightweight and easy to use, even for beginners. The entire unit weighs just over 8 pounds. A user can adjust the height thanks to an aluminum telescopic pole. Additionally, you will get both a battery and a charger. The 20-volt battery lasts for about 40 minutes, but it can be recharged in no time.


  • Affordable price.
  • High-quality build.
  • Features a 12-inch cutting diameter.
  • The flower space guard will keep your plants intact.
  • The battery is interchangeable with other Ukoke products.


  • The blades are not super durable.
  • Not suitable for large lawns.


Even though Ukoke is not a huge brand, they create top-quality products that deliver results. This trimmer/edger is no different. It is suitable for beginners because it is not complicated, and they don’t have to use any tools to transform a trimmer into an edger, or vice versa.

Worx WG163 Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

Worx WG163 Cordless String Trimmer and Edger

No list would be complete without mentioning Worx WG163. It is another 2-in-1 unit, and it is among the favorites for many landscaping enthusiasts. The head can rotate for 90 degrees, turning the trimmer into a very precise edger. A pair of wheels will also pop out, so it will be easier to do the landscaping near pathways or sidewalks.

This edger uses string to cut grass. You don’t have to manually replace it. Instead, the machine features automatic spool feed. All you need to do is to push the button, and a new string will come out. You will get two 20-volt batteries, as well as a charger with the purchase, which is a plus. The batteries are compatible with other Worx tools.


  • This edger doesn’t make too much noise.
  • Has a 12-inch cutting diameter.
  • The ergonomic design makes it suitable for novice gardeners.
  • An adjustable space guard keeps the edger away from flowerbeds.
  • It only weighs 5.3 pounds.


  • The battery has a short life.
  • You will not get a fast charger.


Just like weed killers and shears, edgers are essential gardening tools. Getting a 2-in-1 unit is an excellent idea that will save you both time and money. Worx WG163 is light, and you can maneuver it with ease regardless of the size of your yard. The midrange price might scare you off, but it is an excellent long-term investment.

Black+Decker LST400 Trimmer and Edger

Black+Decker LST400 Trimmer and Edger

Black+Decker LST400 Trimmer and Edger boasts a sturdy build that will last a lifetime. The company itself is famous for sturdy gardening tools, so they have once again delivered an exquisite machine that will come in handy to both beginners and professionals. The price tag is a bit high so you will need to open the ol’ wallet a bit more for this one.

If you don’t mind paying a bit more for a lawn edger, you will be thrilled to discover all the features this 2-in-2 has. It is a battery-powered edger and not as loud as machines that use gas. A 20-volt battery can last for about an hour without a break, so you can use this edger for bigger yards.

Need to clear out some weeds with a trimmer? Simply use the dual-mode switch for high-power. But if heavy weed cleaning is what you’re after, check out our article on the best commercial weed eaters.


  • Quickly converts into a trimmer or edger.
  • The edger has wheels for a precise cut.
  • Has an automatic spool feed.
  • It weighs a bit less than 8 pounds.
  • Features a 12-inch cutting diameter.


  • You might end up replacing spool often.
  • The handle is not super comfortable.


Black+Decker outdid themselves with this lawn edger. This beginner-friendly machine delivers a professional cut and is powerful enough to tackle the high grass as well as weeds. The price is high, but you will get a sturdy unit that can be a part of your maintenance routine.

Earthwise Cordless String Trimmer

If you are looking for a light and easy to use cordless lawn edger, this could be the model for you. Powered by a 20-volt battery, Earthwise Cordless String Trimmer weighs only 4 pounds and has a comfortable handle that allows a user to have full control over the machine. The battery is compatible with other Earthwise products.

It is perfect for small lawns that don’t require heavy-duty tools. This edger has a 10-inch cutting width with the auto-feed, and the head swivels to the side for a more precise cut. Not to forget that the machine is super quiet. Additionally, you could use it as a trimmer, making this tool quite versatile. It is also very affordable.


  • A telescopic pole is easily adjustable, so it suits every user.
  • Eco-friendly since it doesn’t need gas.
  • It will arrive with a fast charger.
  • Once charged, the battery lasts for 60 minutes.


  • Not suitable for heavy growth.
  • Spare parts could be hard to find.


Earthwise Cordless String Trimmer offers excellent quality for a very affordable price. This machine is both an edger and a trimmer, so it has multiple uses. It will perform the best in small yards because it might not be powerful enough to tackle large spaces.

Perfectly cut and edged grass

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Right Edger

If this is your first time buying a cordless lawn edger, you might feel overwhelmed by the information provided in the first part of the text. But don’t worry because we’ll break everything down for you and help you choose the best cordless lawn trimmer edger that fits your needs and the size of the yard.

The Battery Life

The battery life should be your priority when looking into an edger. Always prioritize long-lasting batteries that will not make you pause the work you are doing. A battery and a charger often arrive with an edger. But keep in mind that this is not always the case.

Double-check the edger you want to buy, as well as all the gear that comes with it to avoid any additional cost. Big lawn owners should always have a backup, so getting an extra battery is highly recommended. You can use the edger without worrying you’ll end up without the juice before you finish the job.

The Size of the Yard

Finding an edger for a small yard is not complicated at all. The majority of battery-powered edgers can last for more than half an hour, which is enough to cover a lawn that is not super big. However, larger yards need stronger edgers.

These units should also be cordless, so you don’t have to worry about cables and the nearest power source. Look for an edger that uses a powerful battery. The said battery has to last at least an hour so you could cover a whole area in one go. Having a backup battery is also a great idea.

Having Enough String

Most edgers don’t use blades. Instead, the grass is cut by a string. The string usually wears out or breaks after some time. Edgers do use spools that feed the new string automatically. Once you use up a spool, you have to replace it.

Always go for a brand that has new spools available. Of course, some strings are more durable and could last for a very long time. So if you want to save some money in the long run, either get an edger that uses high-quality string, or stock up on spools. Also, monitor the automatic feed. It could be replacing a useable string, making you run out of it sooner.

Easy to Use

When compared to gas-powered edgers, those who use batteries are way easier to use. Not to forget they are environmentally friendly. Battery-powered edgers are lighter, don’t vibrate too much, and rarely make a loud noise.

Of course, there are many models to choose from, so pay close attention to the weight of the edger. You can find the one that fits you and your upper body strength. Ergonomic and padded handles are always a plus because they make the cutting process more comfortable for your hands.


Lawn edgers should be a must-have like garden shears and landscaping gloves. It is a useful tool for anyone who wants to have a professionally landscaped lawn or garden. Edgers can make the grass cutting process more satisfying. Hopefully, our list will help you find the right machine for you and your yard.

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