Lawn Sweeper vs Lawn Bagger – Which is Better? The Debate Ends Here!

Everyone wants a beautiful garden to be proud of, but it is SO hard to keep on top of it all throughout the changing seasons and if left unattended for too long, your garden will turn into an unkempt mess!

Whatever the season is, it is important that we keep our garden looking as beautiful as ever, but this does not mean you need to do everything by hand.

I think we can all agree that the thought of doing tedious yard work is enough to wear you down, especially if you don’t have the right equipment…

Enter: lawn sweepers and lawn baggers!

These nifty tools are great for curing your garden-fatigue as they are an easy way to clear an area of any debris or grass, leaving a nice and pristine garden!

So, now that you’re convinced that you need the proper tools for the job, which one is better?

Read on to find out more about lawn sweepers and baggers and about which one is better for your garden!


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Whilst both lawn sweepers and baggers both do very similar things, there are a few key differences that can impact how well they perform.

Before purchasing either a lawn sweeper or a lawn bagger, there are three considerations to make that will affect your decision.

aerial photography of house and striped lawn

How Big is Your Lawn?

The size of your lawn space is a critical thing to consider when buying either a lawn bagger or sweeper.

If your lawn is smaller in size and only takes about half an hour or so to mow, then a bagger would be the better choice as it can still collect all types of smaller debris during the mowing process.

The only issue when using lawn baggers is that you may have to take off the bag and empty it a few times which is why it is the preferable lawn cleaning tool for small spaces.

If your yard space is one acre or more then a lawn sweeper might be the better choice for you.

To pick up debris that covers a larger space, a lawn sweeper is the best tool for the job! Tow-behind lawn sweepers that attach to your tractor can hold more material so can easily be used for large-spaced gardens.

Will Your Grass be Wet?

Wet lawn isn’t ideal to work with no matter what but sometimes we just have no choice but to work with wet grass. In these conditions, neither a lawn bagger nor sweeper will like the job, but it is doable!

If working on wet grass is the case, using a lawn sweeper is a better choice as it is much more able to collect the clumps of grass – lawn baggers tend to struggle in these conditions.

The Type of Debris

In this head-to-head battle between the lawn sweeper and the lawn bagger, the type of debris that the tool will be responsible for collecting is the make or break of this argument!

The better choice is to choose a tool that can cover a wider range of material collection – if this is the case, then a sweeper is the better choice.

Sweepers can clear more heavy-duty debris such as pinecones and pine needles, however, if you’re just after a simple grass-clipping collector then a bagger would be perfect for you!

Lawn Sweepers

Lawn sweepers are mechanical tools that are used to remove any excess waste that is scattered on your lawn. They can come as manual versions such as the Earthwise LSW70021, tow-behind versions, electrical and gas-powered versions too, each one offering a different range of efficiency.

This tool can sweep up anything from pine needles, leaves, twigs, and grass-clippings – basically anything that needs to be cleared from the area!

There are so many variations of lawn sweepers that are optimal for different jobs – from sweeping litter from pavements to collecting plain grass-clippings.

This easy-to-use tool collects lawn debris using a rotating brush with soft bristles under its deck which deposits them into an attached bag to be thrown away. The brush is specially made with these soft brushes to avoid any damage to your grass.

This is an all-around great tool to use!

Husqvarna lawnmower tractor with lawn sweeper

As I said above, sweepers are more preferable for larger garden spaces, around one acre or more, as they can get the job done faster with less work from you.

However, the size of your sweeper will want to coincide with the size of your yard, so getting a big sweeper for a yard less than an acre might not be advantageous for you as it would be a strain to navigate around the corners of small spaces.

Usually, lawn sweepers will offer a larger hamper size as they are preferable for larger spaced gardens and more heavy-duty debris. The size of your hopper – the bagging area of your lawn sweeper – is measured in cubic feet.

For smaller yards, a 12-cubic foot hopper is suitable and for a larger garden, a 26-cubic foot hopper will be enough.

Lawn sweepers offer more in terms of strength as this tool can manage heavy-duty debris as well as just simple lawn clippings. Furthermore, the lawn sweeper comes in different varieties based on the needs of the user such as on pavement, grass-clippings, and rough terrain.

For a guide on how to choose the right lawn sweeper for your needs, read this article, here!

Lawn Baggers

worker and red gas riding lawnmower with attached lawn bagger

Lawn baggers can be attached to the back of a mower and are part of a debris collection system.

They are used to collect grass clippings as you mow instead of having them scattered on your lawn and are most often used for smaller garden spaces as well as for collecting smaller and less invasive materials on the grass.

Lawn baggers can come as accessible attachments to either zero-turn mowers or riding mowers as well as regular push mowers, see this article to view the different types of lawnmowers you can use!

The benefits of lawn baggers are that they come in a variety of sizes, therefore suitable for practically all garden sizes.

Regular commercial lawnmowers generally have lawn baggers attached and are around 18 gallons and are great for smaller gardens with little grass-clippings to collect.

It doesn’t stop there – lawn baggers can reach a size of a whopping 54-cubic feet, check out this huge bagger, below! This bagger is suitable for large acreage gardens and can be attached to the back of a riding mower or zero-turn mower.

As said above, lawn baggers come in a variety of sizes, therefore will not struggle in terms of volume capacity. However, that being said, the ability to collect heavy-duty material is somewhat limited due to the mechanism of it.

So Which One is Better – Head-to-Head Comparison

There is no doubt that both lawn sweepers and baggers are both great additions to your collection of tools, they both offer great versatility and ultimately make the gardening lifestyle a bit easier!

That being said, each have their own benefits and are better suited for different jobs – so below I will to a head-to-head comparison of each.

mowing the grass with riding lawn mower

Collecting Ability

Both tools can offer a really large collecting ability due to each having varied sizes for different gardens.

The choice really comes down to user preference and efficiency.

Other than ability, lawn sweepers are faster at collecting leaves and debris due to the larger surface area that they can cover.

When compared, the main issue with lawn baggers is that they can’t cover a larger surface area as they are limited to the size of the mower deck that it is attached to – it is not an independent accessory.

Overall, due to its ability to collect more and faster, the lawn sweeper would be the winner here!


Lawn sweepers and baggers both offer a wide range of versatility and are great for offering a better solution to grass litter than the good ol’ fashioned garden rake.

If you simply want to collect grass-clippings and smaller debris then a lawn bagger would be a great option for you, however, if you have larger material to collect such as litter or pinecones, then a lawn sweeper would be better.

Lawn sweepers can clear simple clippings and leaves, however, offers more as it can even clear larger organic waste from your lawn, so would be a great investment due to its wider range of versatility.

The clear winner here is… the lawn sweeper!

riding lawn tractor and sweeper


The best thing about lawn sweepers and baggers is their convenience, they both make gardening so much easier and save so much time!

Many models of lawn sweepers come with a foldable design so that you don’t have to worry about them taking up too much unnecessary space in your garage or shed; simply fold and hang up or slide away!

As lawn sweepers are an independent device, they require the user to mow first and then go over the area again. This may be inconvenient in terms of time management as it is a two-fold job.

Lawn baggers are better in this area of expertise as they come as an attachment to lawnmowers, so as you go along the bagger collects the debris that the blades cut, basically killing two birds with one stone, how much more could you want?

Lawn baggers are much easier to store than lawn sweepers as they can just attach to your mower or just be folded away.

Based on this, I think lawn baggers are the winners here!


Lawn baggers and lawn sweepers are both really good considerations when you’re tired of using the rake to clear leaves and other material from your lawn.

The choice is up to you:

If you have a smaller yard and a riding mower, or zero turn mower then a lawn bagger might be better for you. If you only want to pick up smaller waste and in a shorter time frame then a bagger is great, it is also great for storage as well!

You should invest in a lawn sweeper if you want to cover a larger area of space, have a bigger garden and more invasive material to collect. The lawn sweeper is great for those who want to invest in something that can be used for a wide variety of uses and if you don’t mind having a separate tool to use after you mow.

What do you think? Would you prefer a lawn bagger or a lawn sweeper, let me know in the comments!

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